…and we heart him!

DJ DC has proven a way to a woman’s heart can be through dancing. Considering I was going to eat several Kit-Kat bars on Halloween night I am glad DJ DC was also there for my waistline!

So proud that we had a full house, a great mix and great weather for sweating inside the studio (10/29). Our pre-Halloween celebration wasn’t pitch perfect but we always dance through the little twists electronics throw at us.

Join us this coming Friday for another male DJ in a little string we are having – boys just wanna let girls have fun?!?

Boy, it’s more than I dare to think about…

Seriously? Still in my head. I think I woke up singing it this morning. DJ Riff Raff did a great job of really getting to the core of what makes us wanna sweat at DDPP. We had a nice full crowd last Friday (10/15) and I think we could all agree we all really needed it after a crazy few weeks. So thanks Riff Raff for “bringing it”!

1. Empire State of Mind – Glee Cast   4:37
2. Little Bird (Single Mix) – Annie Lennox   4:37
3. Always on My Mind – Pet Shop Boys   3:55
4. Revolver – Madonna and Lil Wayne   3:40
5. Sunday Morning – K-os   3:47
6. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry   3:47
7. Somebody To Love – Justin Bieber & Usher  3:43
8. Paparazzi (Demolition Crew Remix) – Lady Gaga   3:53
9. Funplex (CSS Extended Remix) – The B-52’s   5:05
10. Into the Nightlife – Cyndi Lauper   4:00
11. Raspberry Swirl (Lip Gloss Mix) – Tori Amos   3:41
12. Heavy Cross – The Gossip   4:02
13. Teenage – Tribeca   3:02
14. I Just Can’t Get You Outta My Head – Kylie Minogue   3:50
15. Veridis Quo – Daft Punk   5:44

Come dance with us on our 5th Friday this month on 10/29 –  an extra DDPP is the best surprise!

I Feel So Good If I Just Say the Word…


Our last event, DDPP #37, on October 1st  featured a great mix of music.  I’m always a sucker for the ’80s hits–and I was pleased with hearing ‘Sussudio’ by Phil Collins, “One Things Leads to Another” by the Fixx, Old School Michael Jackson’s “Working Day and Night,” and a cover of the Pointer Sisters classic ‘I’m So Excited,’ here performed by Le Tigre.  Of course, that’s just what caught my ear and made me shake my hips.  Thanks to DJ Grrrilla Beats for bringing the mix–see below for the full song list.  Hopefully, I’ll see you at the next event and we’ll find out what the next DJ provides to rock the house anew.