All the Details

When: Every second Tuesday of the month at 7 pm

Where: KINK Contemporary at 78th St. Studios
1305 W. 80th St.
Ste. 103
Cleveland, OH 44102

Cost: $5 or pay-what-you-can

Other deets:
Parking lot is accessible from 78th St. entrance. As you pull into the lot, KINK Contemporary will be on your left. (Not at the main 78th St. Studios entrance!) Bottled water available for a $1 donation to DDPP/KINK Contemporary. Private, unisex bathroom on-site. No ramp entry for folks with disabilities at this time.

About DDPP (from
Begun in 2006, DDPP™ is the creation of New York City residents Glennis McMurray and Marcy Girt. The two friends loved dancing at the clubs with gal pals, but loathed cover charges, getting hit on and reeking of alcohol and cigarettes the next day.

The set-up is simple: an hour of booty-busting tunes, a dance studio or other room with the lights turned low, and women willing to let go. Although McMurray and Girt began the class on a whim, they found it struck an unexpected chord. “DDPP started as a way to work out and have fun without the conformity of a gym – how often have you heard your favorite song while you’re on the treadmill and wanted to hop off to do a real running man?” said McMurray. “But it has morphed into this amazing revolution of sorts where women come to find that little girl inside us all who just wants to have fun!”

Attendees can even sign up to “Guest DJ” by creating a custom mp3 playlist. Anything and everything goes from Broadway to hip-hop to 80’s hits (along with a warm-up song at the start and a cool-down song at the end); 15 or so songs that will get everyone up and moving. Ladies are encouraged not only to DJ but to give themselves a killer DJ name. (Favorites include DJ Tanner and DJ Roy G Biv DeVoe.)

Through word of mouth alone, DDPP™ chapters have cropped up all over the USA and internationally. Women around the world are responding to this liberating atmosphere where they are free to goof around, shake their bodies without objectification and feel good about who they are.

DDPP™ is currently overseen by the Chicago Chapter. If you’d like any more information, please contact us by emailing ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com.

I don’t get it…what do you do?

Well, when you first walk in the room, we’ll probably be standing around, chatting, waiting for the fun to start. At 7 pm, your Den Mothers will go over some simple rules (no boys, no booze, no judgment), turn down the lights, and turn up the jams! We dance in a women-run art-gallery-by-day – KINK Contemporary – which has plenty of room to move. The music is loud, the lights are low, and the vibes are good! We’ve got no instructors, so anything goes. Want to jump around to let off steam from a long week? We’ll play the hits for you. Want to hug the wall and brood? We’ve got just the wall for you. The only other soft rule we’ve got is no conversations on the dance floor; if you’d like to chat with a friend, we just ask that you step out into the hall! So give DDPP a shot. Just come, sing along, move around a little and we swear you will leave on cloud 9!

Why ladies only?

We like keeping it a fun, free environment where we don’t have to worry about impressing anyone except ourselves. Having guys in the room could change the dynamic and we’re pretty pleased with the way it is.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in! Show off your personal style, or throw on your regular gym gear, but do come prepared to SWEAT! The room might be chilly when you arrive, but it’s going to heat up soon enough, so layers are encouraged. Wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing, obvi. And bring water! When possible, DDPP will have bottled water available for a donation, but we can’t always guarantee it!

What if I can’t dance?

Anyone can dance! And we promise, no one’s looking. Don’t forget, one of the rules is no judgment. That means no judgment of yourself OR others. We’re here to participate, not perform!

Can I show off my moves if I’m a dancer?

Sure. Why not! Just make sure you don’t injure anyone or make the whole DDPP about you showing off your moves; that might get boring for the rest of us. But if you can do a mean “worm,” then show that shit off!

I have no rhythm. What if everyone laughs at me?

If anyone laughs at you they are OUT OF THERE. Remember, no judgment! If anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable, find one of your den mothers and let us know so we can handle it.

So you DO have rules!

We have three: No booze, no boys, no judgments. Sounds like the perfect formula for a good time, doesn’t it?

Can I DJ?

Yes you can! We’d love for you to! And just to be clear, by “DJ” we mean putting together a kick-ass mix on your mobile device and rocking our worlds with it at DDPP, so there really aren’t any actual “DJ” skills needed. All we ask is that you attend at least one session before you do so you can get an idea of the feel and what people love to dance to. Check out our DJ page for more info!

Can I bring friends?

Please do! DDPP is even better with friends! (But please, take conversations to the hallway so the rest of DDPP doesn’t think you’re chatting about them!)

Can I start DDPP in my town?

You bet! Just talk to us first so we can help you out with it. We’d love to take DDPP all over the country and beyond but we want to make sure the concept stays the same. Email us at ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com to get started!

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