3rd Annual Video Night

I want my MTV

Aahhh Video Night is my favorite dance party each year.  Our first veejayed event was in 2013–click HERE to see that event review again. Here’s how I first described it:


“If you missed it, you need to picture it:  the full length and height of one wall of the dance studio (that includes the door) was covered with splendid music videos streamed off Youtube.  If you stood in the middle of the room, the projected image was doubled in the mirrors that run along the dance room wall.  So when all six members of the band L.T.D. performed live on stage during the video for “Back In Love Again,” we saw an enormous 12 piece band rockin’ that stage.  Yes, there were two J.Lo’s singing “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” and Martell’s was filled with break dancers during the song “Don’t Stop the Rock.”  As each of us danced around the room, we became a part of the light show as the projection bulb covered us, casting our silhouettes on the wall.  Members of DDPP were each shadow dancers in the music videos.  It was AMAZING!”


Our 3rd annual event, last Friday January 15th, The Den Mother and DJ Dewey Dancimal shared the creation of the all-new playlist which included hit tunes from Beyoncé, Sia, Avicii, George Michael, and more.  You can listen along with the Spotify playlist here–or see below for the list of songs:


Remember this?



January continues to bring an abundance of goodness.  We will be dancing one more time this month: Fri Jan. 29th–the fifth Friday of this month.  We’ll start at 8pm.  Our deejay will be DJ/DC who is creating a special playlist based on his favorite songs from the popular MTV alternative music show 120 Minutes. Sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!  See you on the dance floor.




Sweet Little 16


I like the nickname ‘Sweet 16’ for the new year. It makes me envision positive outcomes, best case scenarios and amazing playlists like this one (1/1) from grrrilla beats!


We never know what to expect from a DDPP that lands on a holiday and so we were all pleasantly surprised to dance with an array of out of town visitors, new dancers, little ones and of course, veterans of the dance floor. We started the year off with a bang and are promising to keep this positive vibe going for all of 2016!

Please do consider DJing this year if you haven’t before – it is a new year after all – take on the challenge! All song styles wanted, just like in this cute vid: