Deep Cuts

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Summer has definitely arrived. Last Friday’s dance party was hot, hot, hot–or at least the dance floor was feeling the heat–as we danced the night away. On Friday, June 17th, we tripped the light fantastic to a music mix made from deep cuts. Our playlist came from a brand new deejay Hot Lava. Maybe that name points to the source of the heat!? Many thanks to our deejay for keeping the party moving. Which of these deep cuts are you familiar with? Check out his complete playlist:


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Are you going to join us for our next dance party? We dance again on Friday, July 1st, 8pm at Martell’s in Highland Square. Bring water and wear clothes you can sweat in! See you on the dance floor.



Pop Hits

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Akron’s latest dance party was filled with women joining in on the lyrics “Everybody come on dance and sing, Everybody get up and do your thing” while we danced to Madonna’s first club hit Everybody. There was also quite a few of us vocalizing with the chorus “What’s wrong with being confident?” during Demi Lovato’s pop hit Confident. While we usually discourage TALKING on the dance floor–we actually encourage SINGING, while we rock our bodies!  Our last dance party on Friday, June 3rd was a lively event that took its inspiration from a music mix filled with pop hits. Do you like to sing along as you dance?


Feel free to sing along: “You make me feel, alive again…”


DJ Prisoner provided us with our hour’s worth of music. The playlist was made up of pop hits from the past year as well as danceable rock hits from previous decades. There was a little something for everyone in the music mix. See the complete playlist for yourself:


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Want to join us at our next dance party? We’ll dance again on Friday, June 17th, 8pm at Martell’s dance studio in Highland Square. Wear something comfy that you can sweat in. We’ll provide the music. See you on the dance floor!

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Leave the doldrums of the work week behind you and join us to dance on Friday nights!