Follow Me Stereo Jungle Child

Did you know it was still possible to surprise us at DDPP? DJ DC did just this with a playlist made up of almost entirely new-to-DDPP songs. And he wasn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel, this was a whole hour of burners. Check it out for yourself!

See what I mean? Burners! Did it matter that some of the lyrics were nonsensical (stereo jungle child?) or that there was that rock and roll oddity, the flute solo? No, we love that stuff!

We are dancing next on November 30th at 8pm to the entirety of the Footloose soundtrack. If that sounds like fun to you than you ARE the dancer we are looking for!

Get ’em while they are hot

You know how Pop Tarts have that 1 minute span where they are the perfect temperature out of the toaster? Well, this playlist did not have the same trouble as its namesake. With hits from Adele to Blondie, and Robyn to Katy Perry, this week’s hot ‘Pop Tarts’ playlist kept the dance floor at the perfect temperature – on fire!

With the sun setting early, our dancers took full advantage of a darkened studio to let out their inner heat and express themselves without inhibition. If you’re looking to join us for a dance party, November is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for: we dance twice more this month, Friday Nov. 16 and Nov. 30th. New dancers are always welcome – bring a friend to discover the joy of Akron’s best dance party for women.

Wanna get some practice in before you join us – you can use DJ Steez’s playlist (below) as a basis for a home dance party!