DDPP in the New York Times!

Did you see the article in last friday’s edition of the New York Times about DDPP?  Check it OUT here.

Hot Town, Summer in the City

Does this thing go to eleven?

There was a great deal of sweat at our last event thanks to August in Akron AND The Boss with the Big Hot Sauce’s mix.  As the title suggests, we danced to the Lovin’ Spoonful’s hit ‘Summer in the City’ as well as the similarly titled  Sly & the Family Stone hit ‘Hot Fun in the Summertime.’  In fact, The Boss’ mix was obviously inspired by this perspirational season as nearly every title on her list includes the word ‘summer.’  There were cheers and applause around the room for The Boss’ two final songs which each delivered their own humorous punchline:  ‘Last Dance’ is sung by Donna Summer–which was not the last dance!  and ‘See You in September’ by the Happenings was a fun closing cool-down song until our next DDPP the first Friday in September.  Thanks again to our clever DJ who successfully provided the soundtrack to our last summer dance event before the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day Weekend.

Well, what are their names?

A little behind on my blogging and obviously not because of my lack of enthusiasm about our last two events! I just got a little behind and thought rather than create two posts I could just send one, keep everyone’s in-box slimmer.

On the fifth Friday in July (7/30), man about town, DJ Gary Blaine brought his expertise to our party. Gary (not an alias) is a highly regraded local DJ known for his massive record collection and eclectic taste. Plus, as Joanna said “I seem him everywhere!” He sweated about his mix as anyone of us DDPPers would and the extra care really showed – read his description of the mix at the bottom of his playlist:

The first Friday in August (8/6) was a well attended shindig with MC Marty Mart at the helm. She brought us dance songs from the oughts/00’s/whatever-you-want-to-call-that-last-decade, which were in such good taste I almost don’t believe the dates. MC MM always brings her A-game, I was glad there were so many ladies in attendance to experience it. I believe this is her third time DJing and she hasn’t gotten over her perfectionist ways yet – see below!

DDPP #34 is scheduled for 7/20. The Boss with the Big Hot Sauce is also on her third at bat, she has promised us a summer themed mix, inspired by a musical friend of hers. You can get inspiration from anywhere, if you think you’d like to DJ, we are always open to new people mixing it up!