Have you seen her?

There is cool story on Etsy – everyone’s favorite craft site – about DDPP. Check it out and then forward it to all of your friends that haven’t quite made it to a DDPP event yet!

DDPP story on Etsy

Crowd Pleaser!

We haven’t seen quite that many dancers in awhile – we had to open the annex! I attribute it to DJ Diva Nova’s (5/21) renown in the DDPP dancing community. Well, that and she has some great and loyal friends who know how to have a good time!

We were even happier when it was done than when we started and if that doesn’t say something about a DJ mix I don’t know what does. Here is the playlist so you can duplicate the euphoria at home:

Get On The Funk Train ~ Larry Levan Live At The Paradise Garage
Lift Me Up~Moby
My Humps~Black Eyed Peas
Sun Is Shining~Bob Marley Vs Funkstar Deluxe
Jumping Someone Else’s Train~The Cure
Seven nation army~The White Stripes
Go Shopping~Bran Van 3000
Popcorno~Messer Chups
Mill Street Crosswalk~Misery Jackals
Canción Del Mariachi~Los Lobos & Antonio Banderas
Czardasz~David Visan
Where is my man?~Eartha Kitt
Ca Plane Pour Moi~Leila K
Tainted Love~Soft Cell
Sex And Candy~Marcy Playground
Canned Heat~Jamiroquai
Shri Siddha Siddeshvari Mata Haidhakandeshvariji Aarati~Nina Hagen
OUM Mantra 64 repetitions 🙂

See you on 6/4 at 7:30 for The Den Mother’s encore. Boy, I better get working on that:)

The kind you don’t take home to mother…

I think Martha was trying to tell us something (4/30)

…Or whether you’re a mother…

My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear we’re not the fortunate ones…

…Mama, mama, mama come closer…

U can’t be too flirty, mama…
Act your age, mama (not your shoe size)…

First Fifth!

What do all of these lovely ladies have in common, you might ask, besides being lovely? Well, these are just three of the varied voices I picked out from DJ Mono’s mix (4/30). I don’t know that we have been treated to as professional a mix as his to date.  It certainly had something for everyone – a little Motown medley, some real mixing of voice and beats, some 80’s, you name it.

We were a small group but that didn’t stop us – thanks to Joanna for acting like it wasn’t strange when just the two of us were there for the first few songs! We weren’t alone for long.

I am expecting a playlist – will edit this post when it arrives!

Hot Sauce, Hot Sauce!

It took a little help from her friends but The Boss with the Big Hot Sauce got it all together & SPICY! Who knew Bob Seger was that caliente? Another HOT Friday night (4/16).

I know how you all sweat over these playlists and let me tell you, it is appreciated. The love shows! Wendy was very particular about which version of each song she chose and boy, was she right to take the time.