You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

“Gotta leave the 9 to 5 upon the shelf, and just enjoy yourself.”  Dance words to live by!

“Gonna dance the night away!”  Leo Sayer’s 70s anthem fit in quite nicely to our first dance party of the month.  Last Friday, Feb. 6th, we welcomed several newcomers with a rockin’ night that sort of came together at the last minute.  Our scheduled deejay experienced a SNAFU that required us to rely on DJ Dewy Dancimal’s extreme skills–her confidence and ability at creating an impromptu on-line playlist.  DJ Dewy Dancimal grabbed her phone, added a few suggestions from the dancers to a partially complete playlist she was already working on–and she handed us a Spotify dance party on the spot!  Luckily, DJ Dewy Dancimal has done this for us before–so she knows what she’s doing!  And none would be the wiser if they didn’t see the brief chaos for themselves!  Deejays are human too–and we know this.  So we’ll just work DJ Balkan Comrade back into the rotating schedule–and we’ll get to that elusive music mix sometime soon!  Thanks to both deejays for working with us.  Check out DJ Dewy Dancimal’s complete playlist:


DJ Dewy Dancimal’s playlist is also available on Spotify–click the link to check it out:…/l…/playlist/3Q5MvG4uvkJj7am7aXg5d8

Last Friday was also DDPP-Akron’s 6th birthday–and we celebrated as usual by eating ice cream next door at Mary Coyle’s after we danced.  Can you believe we’ve been doing this for six years!?  How long has it been since you’ve danced with us?

grab your best friend

Grab your best friend and join us on the dance floor!

Our next dance party is Friday, Feb. 20th at 8pm.  Remember–we dance every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.  That also means you can easily look on a calendar and always know when we dance.  Please note:  this schedule is not the same as every other week.  We welcome you to join us on the 20th–see you on the dance floor!