We love salsa…and kuduro…and backing it up…and dropping it low


Shakira was definitely our diva for this night (7/29). She and Las Mamasitas, our mother/daughter DJ duo, took us through the full range of emotions – loss, love, lust and letting loose. We are sad to have to say goodbye to these 2 dancer/DJs, we didn’t get nearly enough time together.

If you’re looking to have your very own Latina inspired dance party, you could do no better than checking out this playlist on Spotify:


To top it off, Las Mamasitas didn’t even know this is one of my top 5 dance songs – it was our last fast song and left the room muy caliente:


Time for new sweatbands – DDPP #200!!!!!


Can you believe it? 3,177 songs, 96 different DJs, 2,040 attendees total.

grrrilla beats created the perfect celebratory playlist by gathering some of the best songs we have ever danced to here (7/15). It was a night of high energy and excitement, knowing that we had gathered a whooping 199 times before this one! This is the kind of mix that you hold on to and play at home when you are missing your DDPP fix as every.single.song is a dancer.


I remember the first time we heard this one, we all went crazy for it. It holds up more than 5 years later:

To trip the light fantastic


Never has there been a playlist like this one (7/1). It was at once trippy and beautiful and lush. DJ Owly B gathered all things ‘space’ into one night of swirling dance and had us all reflecting on the vastness of the universe. And you thought we just shook our booties!

Check out the playlist below, if you want some inspiration on really creating to a theme:


And if you want to take it a step further, extending that vast feeling, check out this portion of Carl Sagan’s ‘The Music of Space’: