Would you like to be one of our DJs? Of course you would! Who doesn’t love picking music that gets a room full of ladies shaking their groove things. Just send us an email at with the subject line “DJ” and as long as you’ve been to DDPP at least once (you know, to get the vibe, the feel, the groove) we’ll give you a date to DJ. Show up on that date with your mix (60 minutes aka 1 hour with a warm up song at the beginning and a cool down song at the end) on your music ready mobile device and dance! If you don’t have the means to create or host your playlist, let us know in your DJ request email and DJ Dewey Dancimal will reach out to you for help!

Do you want to know more and get this gig?


Create a DJ Name

First thing’s first – think of a sweet DJ name you’d like to go by. This is what we’ll refer to you as on the blog. Go ahead – be creative. Drag out your drag name and throw a DJ in front. Make an anagram. Be thoroughly ridiculous. Or not! Whatever!

Create a Playlist

Next: Gather a collection of your favorite dance songs and put them in an order you feel will get everyone bouncing around and keep them bouncing around. There’s no magic formula to this and every DDPP we’re surprised at how well some songs work and others… not so much. It’s a gamble and a learning experience – but odds are if you would be moved to boogie while making breakfast at 7am on a weekday when a song is on, it’ll get you going on a Friday evening for sure.

In terms of the style of music – anything goes. We’ve observed that successful mixes are pretty eclectic. Throw on some tunes everyone can sing along to, and a few of your favorites that might not be so well known and see what happens! You might just introduce someone to their new favorite song! We typically do not overly censor our choices at DDPP, but if you feel your mix is raunchier than normal, let us know so we can inform our dancers for that week!

Our preferred method of getting the music from you to the dancers is via portable music device (iPod/laptop/smart phone) through a headphones jack (we have a lightning converter for iPhone!) but we can help if you don’t have access to any of these methods – just ask!


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