Would you like to be one of our DJs? Of course you would. Who doesn’t love picking music that gets a room full of ladies shaking their groove things. Just send us an email at ddppakron[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line “DJ” and as long as you’ve been to DDPP at least once (you know, to get the vibe, the feel, the groove) we’ll give you a date to DJ. Show up on that date with your mix (60 minutes aka 1 hour with a warm up song at the beginning and a cool down song at the end) on your music ready mobile device and dance!

Do you want to know more and get this gig?


Create a DJ Name

First thing’s first – think of a sweet DJ name you’d like to go by. This is what we’ll refer to you as on the blog. Go ahead – be creative. Drag out your drag name and throw a DJ in front. Make an anagram. Be thoroughly ridiculous. Or not! Whatever!

Create a Playlist

Next: Gather a collection of your favorite dance songs and put them in an order you feel will get everyone bouncing around and keep them bouncing around. There’s no magic formula to this and every DDPP we’re surprised at how well some songs work and others… not so much. It’s a gamble and a learning experience – but odds are if you would be moved to boogie while making breakfast at 7am on a weekday when a song is on, it’ll get you going on a Friday evening for sure.

In terms of the style of music – anything goes. We’ve observed that successful mixes are pretty eclectic. Throw on some tunes everyone can sing along to, and a few of your favorites that might not be so well known and see what happens! You might just introduce someone to their new favorite song! Please do keep the mix as clean as possible – we do have some young girls that dance with us and while we don’t censor we wouldn’t want to be overly raunchy. Use your own discretion.

Now our preferred method of getting the music from you to the dancers is via portable music device (ipod/laptop/cell phone), but we can help if you have neither an ipod or a CD burner – just ask!

How to make a Playlist in iTunes

Forgive us if you are a PC user, some of these directions will be Mac specific. If you don’t know how to do something we’re describing for a PC, just google it!

The quickest way to get started in creating a custom playlist is clicking the “+” icon in the bottom left corner of the iTunes library window. You will see a new “untitled playlist” appear in the “Source” column on the left side. The text will be highlighted already, so start typing and give it a name like DDPP Mix or something awesome like that.

Click on your playlist title, and you’ll see that there are no songs present, as you must manually add them.

To add songs to your playlist, begin by clicking on “Library” in the source column. Scroll through your library, and find a song you’d like to add. To add it to a playlist, simply drag the song title on top of the playlist name in the “Source” column, and let go. If you’d like to double check that the song was added, click on the playlist title.

You can arrange the order of the songs by clicking on them individually and dragging and dropping them to the appropriate spaces. Once you’ve added approximately 60 minutes of booty-licious music in the order you’d like it in (and with a COOL DOWN song at the end), plug in your ipod and drag it on there. Make sure that the upload was successful by checking your ipod after you’ve disconnected it.

How to make a Gapless Album

All good DJs know that gaps can be vibe killers, so iTunes has caught on. If you want to cut out a lot of the dead time in between songs in your playlist – highly recommended, it keeps us from shuffling our feet awkwardly – you can do so in iTunes BEFORE you drag your playlist to your ipod. It’s with a magic little tool called “gapless album”. Ready? Check it out:

(again – this is for Mac – it might vary if you have a PC)

1) Highlight/Select all of your tracks when you’re in the DDPP playlist.
2) Right click and pick “Get Info”. It will ask you if you want info for multiple tracks – click “Yes”.
3) In the “Options” tab of the new menu, “Gapless Album” is a check box. Change setting from “No” to “Yes”.
4) Hit “OK”, then iTunes will do it’s thing for a second.
5) Lastly, transfer the playlist to your ipod.

How to take a Screenshot of your Playlist

Radtastical! So you’re almost done with your uber fun DJ duties! The last thing you need to do is post a list or a screenshot of your playlist on the Dance Dance Party Party-Akron Facebook group wall ( so we can post it on the website.   Your screenshot is due no later than the date of your dance party!  AND if you are so inclined you can enter the songs right into the Song Database – this would save your Den Mother some agony! This is great for those at DDPP if they loved a song and want to know what it was and who sang it. We’ve been using screenshots to take photos of our iTunes – which is basically like telling the computer to take a photograph of a particular area of the screen when you have it up. Here’s how you do it:

(again, on a Mac)

To take a screenshot hold down “shift”, “apple (or command button)”, “4″ at the same time. A little scope (circle with a cross through it) should appear on the screen. Drag it across the space you want to photograph and when you have it all lined up, release! Voila! It should appear as a PNG on your desktop called “picture 1″. Then you can rename it, and email it! We’ll put it up on the site! For examples of what they look like, check out our playlists with the little photos on them.

Alright – enough info? It’s not that hard to be a DJ when you get the hang of it! And it’s so indescribably rewarding to see a group of fun ladies rocking out to your tunes. What are you waiting for? Email us and schedule a DDPP session! ddppakron[at]gmail[dot]com


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