2012’s DJ Battle: Round #1


Last Friday, January 20th, we held our first ever DJ Battle!!   DJ Steez and grrrilla beats grappled it out in the musical ring, matching beats and wits with song pairs to create our dance mix for the evening.  There was a clear winner:  THE DANCERS! as we all rocked, shuffled and displayed the best of our fancy footwork to the neverending volley of hits.


How did DJ Steez and grrrilla beats make their battling playlist?  DJ Steez explained to me that together the two women created eight general musical categories: oldies, booty songs, guitar rock, seventies, eighties, current, hip-hop, and nineties.  Then each DJ picked a song to fit the category.  After the two women submitted their selections, Steez collated them, sometimes flipping the pairs in order to keep too many fast songs or slow songs from clumping together.  DJ Steez explained further that they changed the order of the categories in order to accommodate a warm-up song as the first entry and a cool-down song as the closer.  Luckily, they had no duplicates.  The final playlist is a KNOCKOUT:

I think DJ Prisoner is on lady on the left–just sayin’

What categories and songs would you chose for a DJ battle?  The next bout: DJ Prisoner Vs. The Den Mother.  I don’t know when it is yet, but it is coming soon to a dance floor near you!  The Marquess of Queensberry rules apply!  You don’t want to miss this.


Our next dance parties are Friday, February 3rd at 7:30pm and again on Sunday, February 5th at 4pm –That’s SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  Lots of opportunities to shake it like a polaroid picture.


Once is never enough…enjoy!

Our First Ever Sunday DDPP


Last Sunday, January 8th, we held our first Sunday afternoon dance party and rocked it!  We had a tremendous turnout, high energy, and a lot of sunshine.  Considering we didn’t know what to expect, it was clearly a success.  There’s quite a need for dancing on Sundays–so we’re gonna do it again!  Plan on dancing on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY: February 5th at 3pm.  Of course, we’ll also be dancing on Friday January 20th, 7:30pm (the regularly scheduled third Friday of this month).  How much dancing do you want to do?  Join us for either or both dance parties.


Check out our amazing playlist for last Sunday:


Many, many thanks to DJ Steez for stepping up to provide us with an original mix for our first Sunday dance party.  If you are interested in being a DJ, let Joanna or Juniper know.  Please feel free to read about how to make the optimal playlist by reading the suggestions on the DJ You page on the blog.  Or, click here.  Whether it’s Friday nights or Sunday afternoons, you should be dancing…YEAH!


Do Your Thing

It’s the first week of the new year and we are already doing our thing.  Last Friday, January 6th, we had our first dance party of the new year.  Check out the awesome playlist below:

Muchas Gracias to The ADD DJ who provided us with music for our dancing.  If you couldn’t come to our Friday night event, don’t panic!  You have another opportunity on SUNDAY, Jan. 8th at 3pm.  We are beginning our Sunday afternoon dance parties, an additional event to enjoy what you’ve already heard so much about.  Remember: no booze, no boys and no judgment!  We’ll see you tomorrow!


We should invite this guy to our annual Boy/Girl dance party in the fall.  Who’s seen the latest cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Actually, Janet’s done quite a bit.  She provided the backdrop of the last dance party of 2011–but a dance party I’ll not soon forget!  In case you weren’t there, we had an all-Janet Jackson dance party on Friday Dec. 30th in which we were able to select and play the tracks by request on the same night!  We didn’t have a pre-determined playlist but instead had a sign-up sheet to select Janet songs for the evening. Check out the result of our Janet Jackson by request night:

I can’t believe you missed it either!?  It was such a success, we’re already planning more single artist dance parties in the future–on our fifth Friday dance parties throughout 2012.  How does that sound?

I love this photo so much!  Aahhh…the 80s hairstyles.  Thanks to Juniper and Janet for the awsome final DDPP playlist of 2011.  We’ve got our next dance party THIS FRIDAY, Jan. 6th, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio as usual–it’s the first Friday already.  Let’s start the new year right by busting a groove and treating ourselves to what we enjoy.  The new year also means that we are starting up another DDPP opportunity on Sundays–so you can also dance at Martell’s on Sunday, January 8th at 3pm.  I’ll be there, will you?


Don’t wait a while, come join us for dancing in 2012!