It wasn’t what we came for but it IS why we stayed!

We had a surprise playlist last Friday (4/2) provided by Numero Group out of Chicago. There were a couple of cover songs but for the most part we danced to a bunch of songs we had never heard before – and loved it! I will work on getting the playlist (I recognized a few of the songs from some of the Numero records I have) but it might take some work. In the meantime, we’ll just savor how easy it is to get into a good groove even when you don’t know any of the words to a song.

Next Dance Party is 4/16 and we have ordered up a second helping of Hot Sauce – “The Boss with the Big Hot Sauce” that is. It was already pretty bright in the studio last time so come to the party on the 16th that starts later (8pm), as it will probably be dark by then. See you there!