No Two DDPPs are Quite the Same

Ann-Margret–just what are your secrets?

No two dance nights are quite the same–which is what makes DDPP a thrilling Friday experience!  We greatly thank DJ Trophy Bass for reminding us of this truism with the eclectic mix we enjoyed last Friday, April 15th.  The deep cuts included a wide variety of rhythms, beats and jazz flute solos to inspire us to put on our boogie shoes.  (No, there wasn’t a KC & the Sunshine Band song–see the playlist below.)

Those in attendance–and we had a large crowd–know that there were several firsts at this past DDPP.  One new experience was watching a den mother chase an escaped tutu across the back parking lot.  Another was dancing our cool down song to the haunting melodies of the theme from the 1968 Roman Polanski movie Rosemary’s Baby.  However, my favorite first of the night occured when I became inspired by one of the fast-paced dance songs–one that reminded me of what Ann-Margret might have danced to in one of her Las Vegas shows in the early 1970s.  Inspired, I channeled my inner Ann-Margret and attempted to express the enthusiasm and spirit that she is well known for.  Unfortunately, I soon realized I have… very little inner Ann-Margret.

This month the calendar is granting us a fifth Friday and so we will be dancing again on April 29th.  We will start at 7:30 at Martell’s Dance Studio as usual.  Come and shake your booty (yes, another KC & the Sunshine Band reference!) on the night before CraftyMart Presents: The Mom and Pop Shoppe (Saturday, April 30th) at Musica from 10 am to 5pm.  I hope to see everyone at DDPP and The Mom and Pop Shoppe.

Funky Fresh Spring Fling


Last night, April 1st, was our special event of the social season.  We set the dance floor on fire inspired by a music mix from our sister DDPP in Chicago, crafted by DJ Chrissey Murderbot.  This playlist featured that one-of-a-kind sound of early 1990s hip hop also known as New Jack Swing.  It offered pop hits by Bell Biv Devoe, Boyz II Men, Tevin Campbell, and Another Bad Creation.  But the single “I Wanna Sex You Up” performed by Color Me Badd is what most made the night sparkle with the memories of the  TV series Beverly Hills 90210.


Color Me Badd on a second season episode of Beverly Hills 90210

The dancing was so fierce it was a welcome relief to catch our breathes and share a brief social break with popsicles and bottled water.  We set a new attendance record on Friday night and hope that many dancers will return for our next dance event.  As always, we will be dancing on the third Friday of the month–April 15th–at 7:30 pm at Martell’s Dance Studio.  Dancers can expect that we’ll be back to our regular format:  a pop music playlist for a solid hour’s worth of dancing.

Thanks again to Kathleen Folkerth for covering Akron’s DDPP in The Westside Leader, Allison Perley-Harter for the video for The Akronist and, of course, to all the new friends and dancers who came out to join us.  If you are interested, you can follow the Akron DDPP schedule here or join the Facebook group ‘Dance Dance Party Party-Akron’.  See you all again on Friday April 15th.