Silly is as silly does!

DJ Riff Raff was having fun with us, wasn’t he? We stood up, we sat down, we got knocked-out. He even had us dancing to Justin Bieber. Well, I hope he had his fun… ’cause I know we did!

This mix was a good reminder that a theme isn’t necessary, just having a good time with the music is the easiest way to get a good set of tunes. DJ Riff Raff admitted he thought the playlist was silly but at DDPP we even take being silly very seriously.

Check out the playlist below and then check out The Cure being very silly in the video to one of the songs off the playlist. That bee costume is truly inspiring:)

Silly ladies are next hitting the dance floor on Friday October 5th, 8pm!

Back to our old selves

It felt like old times at our last Dance Dance Party Party! We know that summer coming to end means more ladies will come out to dance with us. Is it because school is back in session? Or because there aren’t as many things to do? Or because the studio starts to cool down?

We don’t care what the reason is as long as we can have many more nights like we did on 9/7 – great songs, great ladies, great vibe.

grrrilla beats brought us a mix of songs that were aimed at getting rid of the back to school blues. She gets an A+ for her assignment as you tell by the playlist below:

Come out on September 21st @ 8pm to celebrate the REAL very last day of summer!

It pays to do your research

When it was suggested that Stevie Wonder be our next artist for a Fifth Friday event, I had my doubts. I don’t see Stevie as a dance artist and I thought it would be hard to put together an hour of his music that could keep the ladies of DDPP moving. I was very wrong.

Now, don’t misinterpret, I love him. I have already warned my husband that on the day in the very far future that Mr. Wonder passes away, I will be calling off work – no one needs to see a grown woman crying and singing ‘They Won’t Go When I Go’.

So, I have never been happier to be wrong. On August 31, we all had a blast, singing and dancing and laughing, all thanks to our librarian and mix master DJ Steez. One has to think that her research skills and work at the Rock Hall Archives had to something to do with the success of this mix. Or, she is some kind of Stevie genius, either way DDPP got the benefit. Check out this playlist!

And what post about dancing to Stevie Wonder would be complete without a Dancing Stevie Wonder – behold!