DJ Battle: Boy Vs. Girl in the World Series of Love


Last Friday, Nov. 20th, we saw our fifth DJ Battle at DDPP-Akron.  What am I talking about?  DJ Battles are just another approach to creating an hour’s worth of music for a danceable playlist.  A DJ Battle occurs when two deejays agree to create seven (or so) categories and match each other with songs that fit the category.  The result is fourteen songs (about an hour’s worth of music).  It’s not as much a competition as the title implies–but as we always say….the true winners are always the dancers!



DJ/DC and DJ Prisoner went head-to-head to create this music mix.  They came up the following categories: Girl Group song, Boy Band song, Cover song, New Wave song, Grammy-winning song, song from 2013, song with an animal in the title, and Prince song.  They took their title: “Boy Vs. Girl in the World Series of Love” from the lyric of a Prince song (U Got the Look) so it seems right to include a Prince song each. What songs would you choose to match these categories? Check out the complete playlist of their choices:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.06.38 PM

Want to create a unique playlist like this? We’ve had four previous DJ Battles.  HERE‘s a link to those. You are free to use any of those categories or create your own. So grab a partner and join the deejay fun! You can get on the deejay schedule by speaking with either Den Mother after any of our next events.  When do we dance next?


We’ll see everyone again on Friday, Dec. 4th at Martell’s Studio.  Music starts at 8pm so don’t be late! Bring a friend and enjoy the hottest dance party in Akron.



Dance Apocalyptic

haring ddpp

Oh, we had another doozy!  At our last dance party on Friday, Nov. 6th, the ladies of DDPP-Akron welcomed a new deejay named DJ Upcycle and she rocked it like none other.  Toes were tapping and fingers were snapping as we spent the hour spinning to the rhythms and rhymes of rock. Don’t believe me?  How could you sit still during a song like this?

Many thanks to DJ Upcycle for providing us with our evening’s musical dance inspiration.  Check out her complete playlist below:


You don’t want to miss out next event!  Come and burn off a few calories before your Thanksgiving meal.  Two of our regular deejays (DJ Prisoner and DJ/DC have decided to DJ battle for our next playlist–they’re calling it: Boy versus Girl in the World Series of Love. This is gonna prove to be an epic night. Mark your calendars for Friday, Nov. 20th, 8pm at Martell’s Studio in Highland Square. See you on the dance floor.


You recognize DJ/DC and DJ Prisoner, right?

Halloween Hustle


Have you crashed yet from the weekend’s sugar rush?  We kicked the party weekend off on the right foot last Friday, Oct. 30th by dancing in the moonlight. Our last dance party was a hoot!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 8.29.11 PM

Many thanks to DJ Riff Raff for providing us with an hour’s worth of toe-tapping fun!  Here’s the complete playlist:


Miss the last dance party?  Come join us this weekend–it’s the first Friday of November (Nov. 6th) and we’ll do it all again.  As usual, we’ll dance at Martell’s in Highland Square–music starts at 8pm.  See you on the dance floor.

Soul Explosion


At our last dance party on Friday, Oct. 16th, we danced our butts off to a playlist courtesy of DJ Prisoner (okay–that’s me!) I packed the music mix with an hour’s worth of soul music–and soul-inspired funk, rhythm & blues, and rock.  I’ve been listening to a lot of soul lately.  This summer, I watched the documentary movie Respect Yourself: The Story of Stax Records and the soundtrack was just too good to not submerse myself in it for longer.  At least nine of the tracks on this playlist are from Stax recording artists.  I’m always looking for inspiration for another playlist to share at DDPP so right after I watched the movie, I began putting together this soul mix.  What inspires you to create playlists?

This little kid in the video is channeling his inner Godfather of Soul (James Brown).

The complete playlist for Soul Explosion:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.29.50 PM

I selected the warm-up song from another movie–Jim Jarmusch’s latest Only Lovers Left Alive.  Who doesn’t love dancing vampires?

Miss out on Soul Explosion?  You have another chance to dance this month yet.  We have a 5th Friday in October–so we’ll be meeting to dance again on Friday Oct. 30th, at 8pm.  Get ready for fun!  We’ll see you on the dance floor.


Mercury in Retrograde


Everyone can relate to relationship woes, so we all felt connected to DJ Dewey Dancimal’s Mercury in Retrograde mix when we danced together on Friday, October 2. We were only four, but we kept it fierce as we rocked out to loud tunes–both new and old–on the dance floor. Many thanks to DJ Dewey Dancimal for making this awesome playlist.  Check out the complete list of songs:


Remember this song?  What a creative video!

Would you like to make a themed mix? Anyone who has joined us at least once is welcome to contact the Den Mothers about DJing on a future Friday! Our next dance will be his month’s third Friday, October 16th, at Martell’s in Highland Square at 8pm. We’ll be hosting DJ Prisoner with a brand new music mix entitled Soul ExplosionCheck out the fb event.  Will we see you there?!  Don’t forget–October features a 5th Friday.  We’ll be dancing on Friday Oct. 30th as well!  Make the commitment to rock all month long!

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life


Whoa–THAT was a fun one! I’m still recovering from our last dance party on Friday, Sept. 18th.  DJ Bz-Beats brought the heat to the dance floor.  Her playlist was filled with pop hits that kept the party moving.  We had a good sized crowd with a lot of high energy–and the dancers were mostly first-timers!  Our Den Mother Juniper missed it–but she’ll be back for the next one.  Many of the first-time dancers expressed how eager they are for the next dance party.  I think they get our vibe!

Many thanks to our deejay for the evening.  Check out DJ Bz-Beats complete playlist:


Won’t you join us at our next dance party?  Every party offers a unique experience. We’ll be dancing again on Friday, October 2nd, 8pm at Martell’s Studio in Highland Square as usual.  We always dance on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month.  Note: the month of October has a 5th Friday (October 30th) so we’ll be dancing that day as well.  So much to look forward to!  See you on the dance floor.

Welcome to the Dark Side

How dark can you go?  Our ladies at the last party on Friday September 4th discovered we can go pretty black–and keep dancing!  Know how to dance goth?  No matter–that didn’t stop any of us either.  We had a rollicking time kicking up our heels to dark anthems from dj grrrilla beats.  We danced to tunes from Sisters of Mercy, Ministry, Lords of the New Church, and Nine Inch Nails as well as DDPP regulars like Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths, and The Cure.  It was quite a bit of fun.  Of course, we warmed up by watching the goth dance instructional before the music started.  Remember this?

<p><a href=”″>How to Dance Goth</a> from <a href=””>APBS</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Check out dj grrrilla beats' complete  playlist above.

Check out dj grrrilla beats’ complete playlist above.

Thanks to dj grrrilla beats for providing us with an hour’s worth of music for our party!  Want to share your own playlist for a future dance party?  Talk with one of the den mothers after an event and we’ll add your name to the schedule.  We dance again on Friday Sept. 18th at 8pm at Martell’s in Highland Square.  Remember–we always dance on the first, third (and when there is one, the fifth) Friday of each month.  Sept. 18th is the third Friday of September.  You can check your own schedule/calendar as far in advance as you like and know exactly when to join us!  See you on the dance floor :)


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