Drop It Like It’s Hot (belated February 2016 post)


DDPP’s birthday month was hot > hotter > hottest. DJ Harvey placed his playlist into our sweaty palms on Feb 2nd and DJ Dewey Dancimal got us all hot and bothered on Feb 16th. We celebrated 7 years on the dance floor by covering it in sweat, as we always do!

DJ Harvey’s Playlist:



DJ Dewey Dancimal’s playlist, which you can also find on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/…/…/playlist/0eMLZf6ohLaxDVdoGLcXmX:


This was also our first chance to really celebrate Bowie’s life after his passing in January. DJ Harvey’s mix did an excellent job of making us reflective but not actually reduced to tears on the dance floor. There is no crying in DDPP!


Spring Fever 2016

beach wear women

Dress for the warmer weather and prepare to sweat!


We’ve finally had a break in the cold, wet weather and Spring is putting a lift in everyone’s step! At our last dance party, Friday, April 15th, we had a fantastic number of women turn up to get their boogie on. It was also exciting to welcome back a dancer we haven’t seen in a while! The tunes were flowin’ and good vibes were in the air. Check out this playlist from DJ Dancin’ D-VA:

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.13.37 PM


MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: your DDPP-Akron Den Mothers are up to something! They are planning a special event coming up soon. It’s gonna be a DDPP Prom where we come together on a special evening, invite male guests to dance, and we raise money for a worthwhile charity. We’ll have more details soon so please keep an eye out for this fun happening.



Many thanks to DJ Dancin’ D-VA for putting together this past week’s awesome music mix. Next up: we dance in 2 weeks: Friday April 29th. It’s a fifth Friday in April–so plan on spending it DANCING! Then, we’ll dance again on the next month’s 1st Friday: May 6th. There’s so much goodness coming up, I can barely stand it. Music always starts at 8pm. See you on the dance floor.



Island Rhythms


Our last dance party was a blast! Friday, April 1st we were on our toes to a music mix filled with Latin/Caribbean inspired rhythms. It may have been cold and dreary in Northeast Ohio that day, but we were swaying to warm breezes and sandy beach fantasies at Martell’s. Every week’s playlist is something new–what do you think we may dance to next time? Join us and find out. The surprise is half the fun. Many thanks to DJ Bz-Beats for the playlist–and the assist from DJ Dewey Dancimal. Check out last week’s playlist:

playlist 12920258_10104191549987254_6815912434817026450_n


We’d love for you to join us again this month. We dance on Friday, April 15, 8pm at Martell’s in Highland Square. Not only is it good exercise, it’s a good way to kick off the weekend!  See you on the dance floor:)



A Little Irish Dancing


Our last dance party may have been the day after St. Patrick’s Day, but we celebrated with dancing an Irish jig nonetheless. Yes, Friday March 18th, we all had a spring in our step as we rocked it on the dance floor. DJ Riff Raff provided us with an hour’s worth of music which shook the roof and inspired quite a bit of sweat. Check out his complete playlist:




Who can resist dancing to funk like this? What inspires you to dance? Our deejays know how to keep the dance floor hot. Many thanks to DJ Riff Raff for giving his time and energy to help us have a new playlist.



We’d love it if you’d join us on the dance floor! Ladies–bring a friend, a sister, your mother, an aunt, or even a daughter–and turn Friday nights into a dance party! We dance again on Friday April 1st, at 8pm. Don’t be late–we only dance for one hour.  See you on the dance floor!


March: Lamb vs. Lion


Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday, March 4th. Our latest dance party was another doozy, full of fun and high spirits. Our event was populated with numerous young dancers who brought an inspiring wave of energy and enthusiasm. It always charges the room when we have young dancers with us. Many thanks to DJ Owly B for providing us with the music.


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.00.52 PM

And, in case you missed it: last month Juniper and I were invited to appear on a Cleveland, OH TV news segment to talk about DDPP-Akron. Click HERE to see that video segment. The experience was fun and a little nerve-wracking. Before the interview started, the segment producer told us that we could feel free to stand up and dance a little bit if we would like to do that. Both Juniper and I declined that opportunity! Yikes.


St. Patrick’s Day Pin-ups (1)

On to more pressing matters–we welcome you to join us at our next dance party, Friday March 18th at 8pm. It will be the day after St. Patrick’s Day so feel free to bring out your best jig if ya got one!  See you on the dance floor.





Kool Thing



Last week’s dance party was another one for the memory books. Four days later and I’m still spinning from the dizzying heights of the fun we had. Our deejay pulled his playlist together from an on-line list of songs played on the uber-cool late night series 120 Minutes on MTV.  The alternative music series which ran from the late 80s to early 2000s was a cult favorite to many music fans. And, now to Akron’s dancers as well. He shared with me that it was difficult for him to limit the playlist to just one hour (or 60 minutes).  Maybe someone else will pick up where DJ/DC left off and create another 120 Minutes-inspired playlist? I’m certainly up for dancing to another alternative music playlist. Where do you find your inspiration to create a playlist?



Many thanks to DJ/DC for providing us with an hour’s worth of dance music. See his complete playlist below:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.45.14 PM

If you missed the last dance party, don’t sweat it.  Save your sweat for the dance floor! We dance again THIS FRIDAY, Feb. 5th at 8pm. It’s the 1st Friday of the month and that’s Akron’s dance party night. See you on the dance floor.



3rd Annual Video Night

I want my MTV

Aahhh Video Night is my favorite dance party each year.  Our first veejayed event was in 2013–click HERE to see that event review again. Here’s how I first described it:


“If you missed it, you need to picture it:  the full length and height of one wall of the dance studio (that includes the door) was covered with splendid music videos streamed off Youtube.  If you stood in the middle of the room, the projected image was doubled in the mirrors that run along the dance room wall.  So when all six members of the band L.T.D. performed live on stage during the video for “Back In Love Again,” we saw an enormous 12 piece band rockin’ that stage.  Yes, there were two J.Lo’s singing “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” and Martell’s was filled with break dancers during the song “Don’t Stop the Rock.”  As each of us danced around the room, we became a part of the light show as the projection bulb covered us, casting our silhouettes on the wall.  Members of DDPP were each shadow dancers in the music videos.  It was AMAZING!”


Our 3rd annual event, last Friday January 15th, The Den Mother and DJ Dewey Dancimal shared the creation of the all-new playlist which included hit tunes from Beyoncé, Sia, Avicii, George Michael, and more.  You can listen along with the Spotify playlist here–or see below for the list of songs:


Remember this?



January continues to bring an abundance of goodness.  We will be dancing one more time this month: Fri Jan. 29th–the fifth Friday of this month.  We’ll start at 8pm.  Our deejay will be DJ/DC who is creating a special playlist based on his favorite songs from the popular MTV alternative music show 120 Minutes. Sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!  See you on the dance floor.





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