You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

“Gotta leave the 9 to 5 upon the shelf, and just enjoy yourself.”  Dance words to live by!

“Gonna dance the night away!”  Leo Sayer’s 70s anthem fit in quite nicely to our first dance party of the month.  Last Friday, Feb. 6th, we welcomed several newcomers with a rockin’ night that sort of came together at the last minute.  Our scheduled deejay experienced a SNAFU that required us to rely on DJ Dewy Dancimal’s extreme skills–her confidence and ability at creating an impromptu on-line playlist.  DJ Dewy Dancimal grabbed her phone, added a few suggestions from the dancers to a partially complete playlist she was already working on–and she handed us a Spotify dance party on the spot!  Luckily, DJ Dewy Dancimal has done this for us before–so she knows what she’s doing!  And none would be the wiser if they didn’t see the brief chaos for themselves!  Deejays are human too–and we know this.  So we’ll just work DJ Balkan Comrade back into the rotating schedule–and we’ll get to that elusive music mix sometime soon!  Thanks to both deejays for working with us.  Check out DJ Dewy Dancimal’s complete playlist:


DJ Dewy Dancimal’s playlist is also available on Spotify–click the link to check it out:…/l…/playlist/3Q5MvG4uvkJj7am7aXg5d8

Last Friday was also DDPP-Akron’s 6th birthday–and we celebrated as usual by eating ice cream next door at Mary Coyle’s after we danced.  Can you believe we’ve been doing this for six years!?  How long has it been since you’ve danced with us?

grab your best friend

Grab your best friend and join us on the dance floor!

Our next dance party is Friday, Feb. 20th at 8pm.  Remember–we dance every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.  That also means you can easily look on a calendar and always know when we dance.  Please note:  this schedule is not the same as every other week.  We welcome you to join us on the 20th–see you on the dance floor!

Guardians of the Galaxie Night


Last Friday–Jan. 30th–was our movie soundtrack dance party and we had a blast.  DJ Dewy Dancimal provided us with a playlist derived from the 2014 hit movie GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXIE.  Sonic joy was had by all as we rocked out to a set list of songs from the late 1960s through the 1970s.  But you’ve seen the movie, right?  We might have had a smaller crowd than usual–hey, where was everybody?–those loyal few in attendance found their groove to these classics.  If you missed last Friday’s dance party, don’t fret.  We dance again in one week!  That’s right–check your calendars.  We dance every 1st, 3rd, (and when their is one, the 5th) Friday of every month.  Next Friday–Feb. 6th, 2015–is the first Friday of the month, so put on your boogie shoes.  For inspiration, check out DJ Dewy Dancimal’s complete playlist from last week:


Many thanks to DJ Dewy Dancimal for volunteering her time and passion for dance music to provide us with a playlist.  Do you want to become a deejay?  Our Den Mother Juniper is currently scheduling for late spring and looking for volunteers.  Join the conversation on our facebook group to volunteer an hour’s worth of dance music.  Or, talk to her after our next dance party and she can add your name to the schedule.

Grab a girl friend and join us at our next dance party–Friday, Feb. 6th.  We start at 8pm, so don’t be late.  Still not sure what Dance Dance Party Party-Akron is all about?  Read all about us from a recent visitor who wrote about her experiences for The Devil Strip:  See you on the dance floor!

keith haring

Birthday Mix


Last week, it was DJ Dewy Dancimal’s birthday but she was the one handing out presents!  She gifted our dance party on Friday, Jan. 16th, with a rockin’ playlist for the hottest dance floor in town.  DJ Dewy Dancimal created a set list from her favorite songs to host a party for us all!  What songs would you put on your birthday music mix?  Here’s the complete list from DJ Dewy Dancimal:


She also made her set list available on Spotify–click here for the link to hear and enjoy the music mix again.  Many thanks to DJ Dewey Dancimal for sharing her birthday with us.

In other news, did you see we got written up on-line by The Devil Strip–the brand new magazine here in Akron?  The Devil Strip is a curated guide to the area’s music, arts, business, events and culture.  Click here for the link to the Devil Strip review of an earlier January dance party.  While you’re at it, follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay in touch with what’s happening around town.


When will dance again?  Glad you asked!  The calendar has blessed the month of January with a 5th Friday–so we dance again this month: January 30th, 8pm.  Since it’s a 5th Friday, you know what that means.  We dance to a movie soundtrack.  This months movie soundtrack is Guardians of the Galaxy.  I know!  So you don’t want to miss it.  See you on the dance floor.

No January ‘blahs’ here!

imgresOnly DDPP came turn your day from this < to this  >images


And we were definitely doing the Snoopy dance last Friday (1/2) to DJ Owly B’s super, having-no-theme-is-my-theme playlist. She mixed it up, she pulled form here and there, she let the groove lead her. Or maybe she just used a Magic 8-Ball. Whatever got her there, it worked, turning a ‘blah’ day into a DDPP day! See the list below if you need proof:



We dance again soon – 1/16 to be exact! More ladies are joining us from Meetup and more ladies are bringing friends with them to DDPP. We say ‘bring ‘em on’!

Feels Good

peanuts dance10349955_860031074047650_501947401391787805_n

As we get closer and closer to the holidays, stress can build and anxieties and frustrations can overwhelm.  We were burning an awful lot of energy at our last dance party.  Were you there?  Our last dance party of the year, on Friday, December 19th, was a strong finish to another successful, thriving year.  DJ Cher-nobyl rocked the house last Friday with a playlist consisting of random songs she knows she likes to get up and dance to.  DJ Cher-nobyl says she crowdsourced suggestions for her playlist on Facebook–and the people voted!  What is the process you go through when you create a playlist?

Boy, did this 1990s hit sound good last Friday!

Many thanks to DJ Cher-nobyl for donating her time and providing us with an hour’s worth of dance music.  She made it look easy with her effervescent music mix.  For the complete playlist, see below:

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 5.36.47 PM

Did you have a fantastic year with 2014?  Make sure you start the new year right–come get your groove on at DDPP-Akron.  We dance again on Friday, January 2nd, 8pm at Martell’s as usual, in Highland Square.  If you have an out-of-town guest or a family member still around from the holidays–bring her along!  We’re the best party in town–dance party, that is!  See you on the dance floor.

Shadow Dancing


Dancing in an un-lit room creates an appearance of dark figures moving to music in the studio.  This often makes me recall the disco favorite “Shadow Dancing” when I think of DDPP.  What goes into helping you create a playlist when you deejay for a dance party?  I’m DJ Prisoner and I created the previous music mix for our dance party on Friday, Dec. 5th.  Here’s my entire playlist:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 7.02.48 PM

I knew I wanted to include a Lady Gaga song in my latest playlist but I saw in the deejay database (the complete list of every song we’ve ever played at our dance parties), found on the website under the tab heading SONG DATABASE, that her “Just Dance” has already been played a bunch of times–so instead I included Gaga’s “Applause” which hasn’t been played before.  While I’m at work, I usually listen to two radio stations–one that plays funky 70s R&B and another that plays 80s music.  So that’s where I heard the Rufus Thomas song, the Jackson Sisters, and the Debbie Deb hit.  A fellow dancer once told me (a really long time ago) that she loved Thompson Twins–so that’s where the inspiration to add “Lies” came from.  And I recently read a magazine article about legendary record producer Nile Rodgers where he spoke about his work with Diana Ross on her 1980 album Diana–so I wanted to dance to “Upside Down” again.  I picked the song “Goodbye to You” by Scandal because this summer DJ/DC ended his music mix with Scandal’s other hit “The Warrior.” That was my little attempt to respond to another deejay. And, the Talking Heads song was added to my mix because I’ve seen the 2011 movie This Must Be the Place once too often.  My musical influences come from a variety of sources–and I usually rely heavily on the resources of the Akron public library for the music that goes into my playlists.  What goes into creating your playlists for DDPP-Akron?

I also love listening to mid-60s French pop music–so I included this fun hit!

Whether you grooved to my music mix or not, we will dance to someone else’s playlist at our next dance party–Friday, Dec. 19th, at 8pm.  Every dance party features a new playlist–so there’s always something different to enjoy.  Need to burn off some holiday calories?  Join your friends for what is always a fun, active hour.  See you on the dance floor!

Bring on the Gravy!


Chant with me: Go Monica! Go Monica! Go Monica–

We had another successful dance party last week.  Friday Nov. 21, we gathered once again to shake it, drop it, and and twist it all around.  Some of us–maybe it was just me–were mindful of the upcoming Thanksgiving meal and looked to burn some calories before the big meal.  Whatever motivations you have, you can find yourself at home–on the dance floor–at DDPP-Akron.

First-timer DJ Balkan Comrade made it look easy by rockin’ the casbah with her own special playlist.  Her mix featured a variety of rhythms and a little something for everyone.  It was a collection of songs that kept the dance floor movin’ and appealed to all.  She had me at “This Charming Man” but I’m always a sucker for the Smiths!  Check out her complete playlist below:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.12.46 PM

Still want to burn some calories before the holidays?  Need to see your dance friends before everyone gets too busy with their families over December?  Our next opportunity to dance is Friday, Dec. 5th at 8pm at Martell’s studio in Highland Square.  I happen to know that DJ Prisoner is bringing the music which embraces a retro vibe.  There ya go.  Come on Dec. 5th to find out more!  See you on the dance floor.


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