Do You Like to…Boogie Woogie?

If the Torrance Community Dance Group ever wants to come to DDPP-Akron, we’d be glad to host them!

Last night, Friday October 21st, we enjoyed an electronica music mix from DJ Prisoner.  Our dance party rave featured glow sticks and colorful strobe lights to enhance the hypnotic electronic rhythms.  I think I danced off enough calories to justify eating at least some of the Halloween candy I plan on indulging in next weekend!

Below is DJ Prisoner’s electronica playlist:

A few details about the mix (yes, I am DJ Prisoner): I couldn’t help but include a sort of movie theme.  The Propellerheads song is from my favorite scene in The Matrix, the Moby song has great dialogue clips from James Bond movies (“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”)  and of course, the music video for Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You” is not only directed by but includes Spike Jonze in it (he’s the leader of the dance group).  Jonze is one of my favorite film directors.

Our next dance party is Friday November 4th, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  If you haven’t been with us in a while, consider joining us again in November.  The exercise and activity will make you feel great!  I guarantee it 🙂

DDPP Homecoming Coming recap

Last Saturday night (October15th) we held our Fall Formal dance party.  Our theme: Pure Imagination!  Not only did we invite men to this one-time-only event but we danced for two solid hours!  It was an incredible night of music, dancing and sweets!

The decorating committee installing the photo spot

We had a nice sized crowd and our special Saturday night scheduling (not our usual night to dance) brought in a few new dancers as well.  Many thanks to our deejay for the evening, DJ Trophy Bass.  It was an absolute treat having a live deejay.   And, thanks to the Organizing Committee for planning, decorating and bringing the refreshments.  You all helped make this night not only special but successful as well.  I’m still riding the sugar high!!  Thanks everyone 🙂  Keep posting your photos on facebook–they’re all fun to see 🙂

We strung lights and filled the room with candy decorations

Setting up the punchbowl, the cupcakes and the Wonka bars before the dance party

Testing the photo spot–does it work?

The King and Queen of Homecoming Coming–I’m kidding (THAT’s ME and my male escort)


Don’t forget!  Our next dance party is THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 21st 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio as usual.  It is the third Friday of this month and we plan to put on our boogie shoes and hit the dance floor with DJ Prisoner providing the music.  You don’t want to miss it–see you there!

Dancing at Mos Eisley’s Cantina

You may have missed the disco nerd moment of the year!  Akron dancers were laughing and enjoying themselves to the disco soundtrack of the sci-fi movie classic Star Wars on last Friday night.  But that was only one of the 1970s hits that inspired us to put on our boogie shoes.  Check out the playlist below.

Thanks again to Martha for providing us with this fun trip to the past.  I don’t know about you but the song ‘Carwash’ couldn’t be played loud enough.  That’s a funky good time!  We may have had only a few dancers last Friday but we had to compete with the Akron Film festival.  Either venue, I’m sure was a good one.

Don’t fret!  Your next opportunity to dance is this Saturday, October 15th.  It’s finally here: Pure Imagination! our Homecoming-Coming dance party is this Saturday.

You don’t need a Golden Ticket–all DDPP girls are invited.  You are encouraged to bring a male guest to this one-time-only event so they can experience what we know is always a dance-tactular time!  But if you don’t have a male guest–grab your best girl and come anyway.  Remember: the rule NO JUDGMENT still applies.  This is about having fun.

We’re going to have a live DJ as well as a specially decorated photo spot–so bring your camera!  You’ll want to remember this night.  And, we’ll have cupcakes, punch and candy!  Don’t be late–we’re dancing from 7:30pm until 9:30pm.  See you there!

As always we’ll be dancing on the third Friday of this month: Oct. 21st at 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Akron.  I’m the lucky DJ for that night (DJ Prisoner) and I’m bringing a mix that will remind you of a 1990s rave party.  This may be that calorie-burning event that will give you permission to dip into your child’s halloween trcik-or-treat candy bag!  Why not, eh?

O-H-I-O is for Players!

Last night’s DDPP was all that it’s theme promised to be – a little bit silly, a little bit funky, a little prideful – just like our home state of Ohio! It was challenging and fun to put together a playlist with all Ohio artists, I was not surprised that we have that much ‘dance in our step’ collectively. Plus we are a very fashionable people:







Thank you to the ladies that came out and showed their Ohio pride, the studio is so comfortable this time of year one almost forgets this summer’s heat wave. We hope to see you this Friday (10/7) for what will no doubt be a night of disco greatness from MC Marty Mart.