Dance Dance Party Party Homecoming Coming

The women of DDPP-Akron are abandoning our “no boys” policy for one night only. Come to our first Fall Formal (dressed any way you want!), bring a date–or NOT, and experience the dancing WITHOUT JUDGMENT that you’ve heard so much about. We know you’re curious–so here’s your chance to join in on the dance-tastic fun. ONE NIGHT ONLY!! So mark your calendars for Saturday October 15th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Bring a friend, a mate, a gay friend, a straight friend, a father, a son, a brother, a sister, a bff or just yourself. But come prepared to DANCE and to have a good time. You DON’T want to miss this!

Bring any dance partner you want–or just dance with the group! Thanks Bad Postcards.

*Please note: this is NOT a DDPP-Akron regularly scheduled event and does NOT occur on the first, third, or fifth Friday of the month.  This will NOT conflict with our girls only dance parties–it is an additional opportunity to dance in October!

So get ready for the funkiest Fall Formal EVER!  I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking for that oh-so special outfit!  Got any questions?  Comment below and our customer service representatives will respond to you shortly 🙂

Thanks to Ellen Degeneres’ Bad Prom Photos for the two inspirational photos above.

This Is How We Do It

Last Friday, August 19th, we brought the heat to our latest dance party.  Were you there?  If so, you know that our enthusiasm for the dance seemed to effect another young woman sitting on the apartment balcony across the parking lot from our dance studio!  Maybe next month, she’ll join us.  All women are welcome to attend DDPP-Akron and there’s always room for one more on the dance floor.  We were excited to have first-timer Kendra join us this past week as well.  Each event brings new surprises–from new dance mixes to new dancers.  Come and discover the joy we call the dance party!



Thanks to DJ Divas for their intoxicating playlist, a cooperative mix from two of our regular dancers that know how to bring the heat! Check out their playlist:



Our next dance party is Friday September 2nd, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square, Akron Ohio.  Will we see you there?

Neil Diamond Dancin’

Aaahhh….the 1970’s Neil Diamond.  I wonder if he still has that coat?

The DJ at last week’s dance party was grrrilla beets, one of our favorite dancers and playlist makers.  She, once again, did not disappoint with her hot mix.  grrrilla beets’ mixes usually include a rockin’ hit by singer/songwriter Neil Diamond–sort of a signature.  I don’t want to box her in and pressure her into always including a Diamond song–but would that be so bad?  I say, bring it on!  Check out the rest of grrrilla beets’ playlist:

Thanks again to grrrilla beets ❤  Our next dance party is this Friday, August 19th, 7:30 pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square, Akron OH.  You don’t want to miss it!  We will have a collaborative mix by two of our favorite dancers calling themselves DJ Divas.  So come on out and support these first-timers.  See ya then!