All ready for Halloween candy!

This was a night of all treats, no tricks. DJ Necronomi-Tron (10/19/12) mixed some good old-fashioned Halloween faves with some new-fashioned Halloween ragers. If you are looking for the most Halloweeny of songs to play at your holiday party, look no farther!

Our post-Halloween candy dance party will be November 2nd. And so as not to loose the sugar rush DJ Steez has a Pop Tarts mix all ready for us!

I will leave you with this classic youtube clip – I expect some practicing for next year’s Halloween dance!

High Brow! Low Brow! Wipe your Brow!

We danced to some pretty artsy singers courtesy of DJ Harvey…and some true pop stars…and to Divine. And we sweated! This is the true beauty of DDPP, the diversity of music that makes for a great mix, a great night of dancing and great sweat. Check out this playlist (10/5/12) that is also amazingly strong on women singers – Yoko, Bjork, Blondie, PJ, Divine, and Tina. Those legs, that hair, those voices – making me sweat all over again!

Showcasing again the diversity of DJ Harvey’s playlist, I couldn’t resist adding this classic video from They Might Be Giants!