Tripping the Tropical Light Fantastic


Last Friday, July 29th, was a fifth Friday of the month and another opportunity for a dance party.  If you weren’t there you missed a tropical twirl.  We moved to the island beats from a music mix filled with Cuban and Brazilian music.  Earlier in the day, our Ohio weather was blasting us with a nasty heat wave, so gently swaying to these rhythms was the thing to do.  As usual, we had quite a few fans circulating the air.  Accompanied by this playlist, the blowing air felt like gentle breezes through palm trees.  Am I the only one who was salivating for a fruity blended drink topped with a paper umbrella?  Check out this hot playlist:


Thanks to DJ Bulee for providing this original and entertaining playlist.  Our next dance party is THIS Friday August 5th at 7:30 pm.  In these summer months, be prepared to sweat.  Bring some water or gatorade and maybe even a towel.  But most importantly, bring yourself with your boogie shoes!  See you then.


Be prepared to sweat!  Thanks to Bad Postcards for the image.

Everything your heart desires…

SOME days you get everything you want. They are few and far between but sometimes, when the stars are aligned and you have played “nice” and all of that stuff, everything comes your way and you get that somebody to dance with. This playlist IS everything you want – old favorites that you know every single guitar lick of, esoteric classics, a friend’s amazing rap, and a new song that makes you spend money on itunes. What did I do to deserve this, I ask? Well, with DDPP you just have to show up:)

For a taste of what you missed watch these ladies rockin’ it out!

DJ Steez did us right and I am just sorry there weren’t more ladies there to get all of their wishes fulfilled. Come out for our 5th Friday DDPP on 7/29 for a Cuban inspired mix from DJ Bulee – I am sure all of your dancing desires will be granted.


1992’s ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ by Snap!

Last Friday night, July 1st, we hit the dance floor at full speed with C+C Music Factory’s hit song ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).’  And we kept on moving to the full tilt playlist that was mixed for us by DJ Dancin’ D-VA.  Her theme was songs with the word ‘dance.’  She also included Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ which features a particular dance (“Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it–Vogue!”) as well as songs from the 1980s dance movie Flashdance and the 1980s TV series Fame.

If you were making a dance playlist with a theme, what theme would you choose? Thanks again to DJ Dancin’ D-VA for her amazing dance mix.

Our next dance event is Friday July 15th, 7:30 pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in bustling Highland Square, the heart of Akron.  This month we are lucky enough for the calendar to grant us a fifth Friday–so plan on joining us on Friday July 29th as well.

Who invited him?

And, while you’ve got your calendar out, circle Friday, October 14th.  While that may be a few months away yet, consider joining us for our first ever Dance Dance Party Party Homecoming Coming.  (If you repeat it out loud several times, it’s actually alot of fun to say!)  This will be a special dance event where men are invited.  Do you have a husband, boyfriend, brother, or male friend that’s curious about DDPP?  Then bring him along.  All our past male DJs will be invited as well.  This is sort of our version of DDPP Prom–without having to wait until Spring to throw the party!  More details will follow later.  Mark your calendars now!