They are Maneaters!

I know this picture is small but it is sooooo awesome! Diamonds&Pearls (which one of you is the pearl?) managed to work my favorite blue-eyed soul group into DDPP (6/18) and I couldn’t be more proud. Weird point of pride considering they also brought two Prince songs AND a few songs I had never heard? Check out their playlist to see if you might be missing some grooves or some 80’s urban classics…

Next event (7/2): The Prisoner is back! She promises not to work us out quite as much as last time – did someone complain? I think not!

Shoulder Shrug Dance Craze Sweeps the DDPP!

What can I say? We seem to all have a thing for the shoulder shrug!

12+1+.5 lovely ladies and .5 boys came out to dance last night (6/4) and indulge The Den Mother in her love for long disco hits and other songs that have been stuck in her head since last she DJ’d. It was warm but we all shrugged it off:)

We have some newbie DJs next DDPP – 6/19 @ 7:30pm – so come out and show them all of their hard work is worth it!