We’ve reached a Milestone: 1000 songs played at DDPP Akron

Over one thousand songs?  That’s a lot of music, yo.  That’s also a lot of dancing–foot stomping, clapping, fist pumpin’ and booty shaking.  We hit #1000 with Salt-n-Pepa’s 1990 hit song “Let’s Talk About Sex.”  I can’t wait for the next one thousand to start.  How about you?

Thanks again to DJ G-Spot for the music at last week’s dance party.  This was her first time dj-ing for DDPP Akron and she did quite well.  As you can tell from the below playlist, the beats were mad.

Our next dance party is Friday Dec. 2, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  Come and shake off those holiday calories.  You don’t want to forget about dancing over the holidays because we’ve got a must-attend DDPP coming soon.

On Friday Dec. 30th, we will be hosting a live-by-request night playing only JANET JACKSON!  That’s Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty!  You don’t want to miss this.  Come and dance your goodbyes to 2011!

You Should Be Dancing–YEAH!

The Bee Gees are a DDPP staple.  So are the Jacksons and the Gap Band.  This past week, Friday November 4th, however, we danced like it was the first time.  Fun and frolics were felt by all who danced on that cool autumn night.

Looking to get back into the routine of dancing on Friday nights?  Join us for our next dance party: Friday, Nov. 18th 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Highland Square.  We’ll make space for you on the dance floor 🙂


Boy, did this ELO song sound good during our dance party!

Check out the scene in the 1980 movie Xanadu during which this song plays.

This past week we danced courtesy of a music mix from our sister dancers in Chicago.  Thanks!  As you can see from the playlist below, we rocked it all night long.


See everyone next Friday, November 18th for dancing!  Have you ever checked out our database of songs we’ve danced to over the past several years?  Feel free to peruse the song list as well as the various DJs that have provided us with the awesome music mixes.  Don’t be surprised if it inspires you to join us for dancing or to become a DJ.  We’re always open to having new women join us who want to share in the joy of dancing.