We had the bass in our walk, for sure!


4 Years! 101 Dance Parties! 1665 Songs! 1027 Dancers!

We were strutting and super proud to be celebrating our anniversary (2/1) with a room of women representing the full spectrum of dancers – the veteran, the newbie, the reluctant-but-now-can’t-stop-myself girlfriend. This was also a night of songs that were across a wide spectrum – new and old, crooning and pounding. DJ Sassy Pants had something for every dancer just as DDPP can be the perfect outlet for every type of dancer. ‘Pump and bump it’ as RuPaul says!

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 9.59.55 PM

Our next event is also a once a year tradition…after we dance, we dine…on ice cream. Join us on 2/15 for an Afro-Cuban mix from DJ Bulee followed by a short trip to Mary Coyle’s. We’ll warm you up and cool you down all in an hour+…or heads will roll (not really, we are lovers, not fighters).