DJ Battle: Round #3

“…One day to come together, To release the pressure, We need a Holiday…” –wise words of Madonna

Last Friday night, we held round #3 of the 2012 DJ Battles.  Remember Round #1 between DJ Steez and grrrilla beats?  Click HERE to see that January post again.  Remember Round #2 between DJ Prisoner and the Den Mother?  Click HERE to see that March post again.  Now Round #3, a bout between DJ Prisoner and grrrilla beats.  Boy, did we have fun! (Confession: I’m DJ Prisoner).  grrrilla beats and myself decided to use several categories from previous battles as well as a few new ones.  Our categories: British Invasion; a song from TV; a foreign song; a Yacht Rock favorite; Band Never Played at DDPP Before; a Cover Song; a song by single artist; and, a song released in 2012. Check out what we came up with: (selections alternate starting with grrrilla beats, then DJ Prisoner)


This was a second attempt for both of us to go toe to toe in creating a DJ Battle.  I think it shows because we both we pretty good at matching and anticipating each other’s moves.  This was awesome!  If you haven’t done this yet, you should.

The British Invasion category was a spin-off from Round #2’s Motown match-up.  I love that neither of us went for the more obvious hits of the Rolling Stones or the Beatles.  For the second category, coincidentally we each chose a song from a hit HBO TV series: the Robyn single from Girls and the other is the theme tune to Tremé.  In the next category, again we coincidentally chose a french song–we have so much in common, maybe that’s why we’re friends?!  Both of our Yacht Rock selections are solid quintessential hits of the genre and we both easily found songs by a band never played at DDPP-Akron before.  If you know grrrilla beats, you know she always works in a Neil Diamond song and in the Cover Song category, she pays tribute to the Diamond by selecting the ever popular Monkees standard which was written by him.  My cover song is Seal performing the Spinner’s classic R&B hit. Our selection for a single artist was Paul McCartney–grrrilla beats rocked us out with a classic Beatles tune and I picked a single which was performed by Wings in the late 1970s but eventually recorded by McCartney for his solo album in 1980. And, our last category: songs recently released, it looks like Video Voyeur may have been released in December 2011.  I think that’s close enough and we’ll forgive her.  My selection of Rufus Wainwright’s new single came out in March but the album just came out May 1st.  Whew!  That’s a lot of commentary. I’m feeling like it was a draw–with the dancers as the real winners.  Don’t you want to try a DJ Battle?  Who will you take on?


Our next dance party is Friday, June 1st, 7:30pm at Martell’s as usual.  Bring your daughter, bring your mother, bring your girlfriend–or just bring YOURSELF and head out on the dance floor.  See you there!



Bring On the Funk

DJ Moose Malloy knows how to create the best playlists!  He served up another of his funk-tastic music mixes for our last dance party, Friday May 4th.  You know DJ Moose Malloy, right?  Of course you do–he’s been the DJ for CraftyMart for the past several years.  Not only was the above Barry White song on Friday’s playlist but we warmed up to classic Al Green.  Check out the entire playlist:



No need to get dolled up to join us at DDPP–come as you are!  We dance for a solid hour to pop music hits, an effort that burns calories and makes you sweat!  So grab your best girl friend or come solo and dance, dance , DANCE!

Our next dance party is Friday, May 18th at 7:30pm.  It’s another DJ Battle as DJ Prisoner and grrrilla beats provide the playlist from selected categories.  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun!  Did someone say Yacht Rock?

Don’t Feel Like Dancin’?


Friday nights are for dancin’ when you’re a DANCE DANCE PARTY PARTY girl!  When we hear the Scissor Sisters hit song I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’, we hit the dance floor.  And you can too–come join the fun!  On Friday April 20th, we rocked steady to a new playlist from DJ Sassy Pants.  Check out her music mix:



Our next dance party is Friday, May 4th, 7:30pm at Martell’s Dance Studio in Akron, Ohio.  So bring a girlfriend and join the party!


Some women bring their daughters–who would you like to bring?

Doin’ the Bunny Hop

Dance-tastic energy filled the air during last Sunday’s dance party, April 8th–Easter Sunday!  Or maybe it was a crazed sugar rush from all the chocolate consumed?  No matter, fun was had by all who attended.  We rocked out to a mix consisting entirely of hits from the colorful B-52s.  Check out the playlist:

Thanks to DJ Riff Raff for giving us this mix.  Will we see you at the next dance party–Friday April 20th, 7:30pm at Martell’s School of Dance in sunny Highland Square in Akron?  This Spring weather makes me want to get out, blow off some steam and dance, dance, dance.  How about you?  See you on the dance floor 🙂

1990s Sock Hop: This Is How We Do It

DJ Lazy Girl brought the beats to last Friday’s dance party.  In a music mix she titled 1990’s Sock Hop, we all returned to our youths to feel those grooves we all know from our collective past.  It was a Good Friday holiday indeed.  Check out her playlist below:


Our next Friday dance party is April 20th, 7:30pm at Martell’s School of Dance.  Do you follow this group on Facebook?  Check out the link: Join the group and receive the automatic invites to all our scheduled dance parties.  It’s also an easy way to stay in touch with all the other dancers.  It’s just another way to stay in touch with what’s happening with DDPP-Akron.  See you on the dance floor 🙂

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough


I’m writing this from my couch–sore from last night’s dance party blow-out!  But I’m happy with my muscle aches, I earned them and today my limp is my badge of honor for participating in and surviving the Madonna & Michael Jackson two hour dance-off.  Woot–woot–ouch!


Yes, Michael, TWO full hours of dance party.  I know, right?

It wasn’t just a full night of the best of Madonna and Michael Jackson’s music but it was the fifth Friday of the month which means it was a By-Request Night.  Dancers were asked to select the songs they wanted to hear and we played them!  Our previous By-Request Night was Janet Jackson–remember that?  Our next one is the fifth Friday, June 29th and we will be dancing to the requests from the hits of Stevie Wonder.  I can’t wait!

Highlights from last night, Friday March 30th:  Most people picked Madonna songs from the 1980s, however, the DJ (that was me!) selected Madonna’s new single, performed at the Super Bowl this past year, as the final song in the set (see playlist below).  Thanks to Juniper for thinking ahead and bringing water bottles for everyone–we needed it!  We started the Michael Jackson set with ‘Thriller’ so the adorable, high-energy kindergartner in the group could go home and go to bed. LOL!  Unlike, our previous dance party, the police did NOT show up! And, did I mention:  We didn’t stop ’til we got enough!

Check out the two set lists:  Madonna first, then Michael Jackson.



Our next dance party is this Friday, April 6th.  It will be a Good Friday, indeed.   We’ll also be dancing on Sunday April 8th.  If you want Sunday dance parties to continue, please show up and/or speak to one of the den mothers about opportunities for you to organize those Sunday opportunities.  See you on Friday!

Hipster Holiday


Some of us started celebrating the holiday early by dancing on Friday night.  On March 16th, we were doing an irish jig and the mashed potato to a music mix courtesy of Rob.  He entitled his playlist Hipster’s Holiday.


Do you know the 1960s fad dance, the Mashed Potato?  Watch it here

I’m not sure what the title means unless Rob intends to reference the hip-shakin’ good time that he inspired.  Thanks Rob for providing us with your playlist.  See it below:

Our next dance party is Friday March 30th at 7:30pm.  It’s our annual Spring Social and will run a special length: two full hours.  The first hour of music will be the dance hits of Madonna and the second hour’s worth will be music from Michael Jackson.  Start warming up now because you’ll want to rock the dance floor all night!

This will be an ideal time to introduce a girl friend to DDPP-Akron so send the invitations out.  Please help spread the word about this fantastic event by sharing this link with your friends and on Facebook, if you’re so inclined.  Let’s pack the dance floor full and show everyone how we do it.  It’s less than two weeks away.  We’ll see you then 🙂

Sunday Afternoon Dance Parties


Sunday, March 11th, was a dance party unlike most others–we were bathed in warm sunlight as we rocked it.  It’s quite liberating to let loose in the afternoon’s bright light–I encourage you to try it if you haven’t already.  I also encourage you to bring sunglasses!  In a dance room filled with mirrors, you need shades.  This past Sunday’s turnout was good as we continue the experiment to see if we can get a room full of regulars to dance on Sunday afternoons.  If you are committed to DDPP on Sundays, show your support by attending.  Also consider volunteering as a Sunday Den Mother and helping us promote it.  If you’re interested, kick us an email or talk with either of the other Den Mothers,  Juniper or Joanna.

Thanks to Rob for the great mix of music he entitled Cinema Obscura.  That Gary Numan song sure sounded awesome pounding out of the speakers onto the dance floor.  Missed Sunday’s dance party?  Don’t fret–we have another dance party THIS Friday night: March 16th at 7:30pm at Martell’s.  Start your St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Friday night by dancing an irish jig–and show us how it’s done 🙂


Have you asked a couple of friends to join you for our special Spring Social on Friday March 30th?  This two hour dance party is the perfect time to bring someone new and let them experience the joy of a dance party.  On Friday, March 30th, we will have one full hour of Madonna dance music and one full hour of Michael Jackson’s hits.  I KNOW, right?  It’s a little more than two weeks away so mark your calendars and begin hydrating.

Bring the whole family out for Friday, March 30th starting at 7:30pm.

Party Rock is in the house tonight.

March 30th: Michael Jackson vs. Madonna

This is going to be the dance party of the year.  Are you ready?  Have you invited EVERY GIRL you know?

“Just remember to always think twice…”

Drop what you’re doing and start warming up.  On Friday March 30th, we are hosting a 2 hour dance party.  One full hour will be the best of Michael Jackson’s dance hits and another hour’s worth of Madonna’s dance floor favorites.  This much fun should be illegal!

“C’mon Girls, Do You Believe in Love?

This is our annual Spring Social so it’s an ideal time to try out DDPP-Akron if you’ve never been with us before.  Last year was an amazing event: we rocked the dance floor to a playlist featuring music in the style of New Jack Swing–or early 90’s hip hop.  But this year will be even better!  “Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it! Strike a pose there’s nothing to it.”  It’s gonna be a mind blowing, foot stomping, energy pumping night filled with the music of The King and Queen of Pop Music!


This is the pre-dance party warm-up-whooo–hooo!

Again, that’s Friday March 30th, starting at 7:30pm at Martell’s School of Dance in Highland Square.  We charge $2 per adult to pay for the rental space.  Three rules: no booze, no boys, no judgment!  We’re pretty serious about the  judgment part–we don’t judge others but more importantly, we don’t judge ourselves!  This is a free zone to let your inner diva out on the dance floor.

So encourage all the women you know to join us for our special dance party on Friday March 30th.  Share this blog post on your wall on FB, blog about it, tweet about it, and more importantly BE THERE!  “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.”



DJ Battle: Round #2


“…Show her that you’re not that shy.  Let her see that fancy footwork….”

Last Friday night, we held round #2 of the 2012 DJ Battles.  Remember Round #1 between DJ Steez and grrrilla beats?  Click HERE to see that post again.  Round #2 was a bout between DJ Prisoner and the Den Mother.  (Confession: I’m DJ Prisoner!)  The Den Mother and myself decided to create our own eight categories and then go toe to toe matching songs for the playlist.  Our categories: a guilty pleasure song; a song overheard on Soul Train; a song by a band never played at DDPP before; a song with a sample in it; a 60’s Girl Group hit; a song from the year of your birth; a cover song; and, a song by a band you hate!  Check out what we came up with:

The Den Mother’s choice of Vanity 6’s Nasty Girl was a knock out!  I know she made a tremendous effort to find that single and it was clearly worth it.  I feel like we were matched blow for blow on the song with a sample:  her Tribe Called Quest and my De La Soul song each sampled THREE other songs!  I also feel like we went the distance in our selections of cover songs:  her choice of a Cyndi Lauper’s rendition of a Prince song and my Futureheads’ version of a Kate Bush hit reminds us of the power of girl rock.  All in all, I’d say the Den Mother had me on the ropes.  But it was a fun fresh way to create a playlist.  I’m excited to hear two more dancers create Round #3.  Who’s up for the challenge?


Video of Vanity 6 performing Nasty Girl on Soul Train.

Mark your calendars for our annual Spring Social:  Friday, March 30th at 7:30pm.  We’ll be dancing for 2 HOURS at this special dance party.  One hour of music will be Michael Jackson and the second hour will be Madonna.  We’ll be dancing to the hits of the King and Queen of Pop!  You don’t want to miss this–so grab a girl friend and bring her along.

The next time we’ll be dancing is this Sunday, March 11th at 4pm.  If Friday night dance parties don’t work into your schedule, come put on your boogie shoes on Sunday afternoon.  We’ll also be dancing Friday, March 16th at 7:30pm.  There are many opportunities to put a wiggle in it during March.  Come join us.