March: Lamb vs. Lion


Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday, March 4th. Our latest dance party was another doozy, full of fun and high spirits. Our event was populated with numerous young dancers who brought an inspiring wave of energy and enthusiasm. It always charges the room when we have young dancers with us. Many thanks to DJ Owly B for providing us with the music.


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 4.00.52 PM

And, in case you missed it: last month Juniper and I were invited to appear on a Cleveland, OH TV news segment to talk about DDPP-Akron. Click HERE to see that video segment. The experience was fun and a little nerve-wracking. Before the interview started, the segment producer told us that we could feel free to stand up and dance a little bit if we would like to do that. Both Juniper and I declined that opportunity! Yikes.


St. Patrick’s Day Pin-ups (1)

On to more pressing matters–we welcome you to join us at our next dance party, Friday March 18th at 8pm. It will be the day after St. Patrick’s Day so feel free to bring out your best jig if ya got one!  See you on the dance floor.





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