DJ Battle: Boy Vs. Girl in the World Series of Love


Last Friday, Nov. 20th, we saw our fifth DJ Battle at DDPP-Akron.  What am I talking about?  DJ Battles are just another approach to creating an hour’s worth of music for a danceable playlist.  A DJ Battle occurs when two deejays agree to create seven (or so) categories and match each other with songs that fit the category.  The result is fourteen songs (about an hour’s worth of music).  It’s not as much a competition as the title implies–but as we always say….the true winners are always the dancers!



DJ/DC and DJ Prisoner went head-to-head to create this music mix.  They came up the following categories: Girl Group song, Boy Band song, Cover song, New Wave song, Grammy-winning song, song from 2013, song with an animal in the title, and Prince song.  They took their title: “Boy Vs. Girl in the World Series of Love” from the lyric of a Prince song (U Got the Look) so it seems right to include a Prince song each. What songs would you choose to match these categories? Check out the complete playlist of their choices:

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.06.38 PM

Want to create a unique playlist like this? We’ve had four previous DJ Battles.  HERE‘s a link to those. You are free to use any of those categories or create your own. So grab a partner and join the deejay fun! You can get on the deejay schedule by speaking with either Den Mother after any of our next events.  When do we dance next?


We’ll see everyone again on Friday, Dec. 4th at Martell’s Studio.  Music starts at 8pm so don’t be late! Bring a friend and enjoy the hottest dance party in Akron.



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