Dance Apocalyptic

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Oh, we had another doozy!  At our last dance party on Friday, Nov. 6th, the ladies of DDPP-Akron welcomed a new deejay named DJ Upcycle and she rocked it like none other.  Toes were tapping and fingers were snapping as we spent the hour spinning to the rhythms and rhymes of rock. Don’t believe me?  How could you sit still during a song like this?

Many thanks to DJ Upcycle for providing us with our evening’s musical dance inspiration.  Check out her complete playlist below:


You don’t want to miss out next event!  Come and burn off a few calories before your Thanksgiving meal.  Two of our regular deejays (DJ Prisoner and DJ/DC have decided to DJ battle for our next playlist–they’re calling it: Boy versus Girl in the World Series of Love. This is gonna prove to be an epic night. Mark your calendars for Friday, Nov. 20th, 8pm at Martell’s Studio in Highland Square. See you on the dance floor.


You recognize DJ/DC and DJ Prisoner, right?