Mercury in Retrograde


Everyone can relate to relationship woes, so we all felt connected to DJ Dewey Dancimal’s Mercury in Retrograde mix when we danced together on Friday, October 2. We were only four, but we kept it fierce as we rocked out to loud tunes–both new and old–on the dance floor. Many thanks to DJ Dewey Dancimal for making this awesome playlist.  Check out the complete list of songs:


Remember this song?  What a creative video!

Would you like to make a themed mix? Anyone who has joined us at least once is welcome to contact the Den Mothers about DJing on a future Friday! Our next dance will be his month’s third Friday, October 16th, at Martell’s in Highland Square at 8pm. We’ll be hosting DJ Prisoner with a brand new music mix entitled Soul ExplosionCheck out the fb event.  Will we see you there?!  Don’t forget–October features a 5th Friday.  We’ll be dancing on Friday Oct. 30th as well!  Make the commitment to rock all month long!


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