In the Mood

Andrews Sisters know how to swing.

Andrews Sisters know how to swing.

At our last dance party on Friday, Aug. 21st, our dancers were “in the mood” for a feel-good dance event.  DJ Random Select provided us with an hour’s worth of toe-tapping fun that provided numerous 90s hits and swing jazz tunes.  How cool is that?  Well, those in attendance know exactly how cool it was.  Chillin’, in fact!  When was the last time you hit the dance floor to The Pixies’ “Gigantic” or Luscious Jackson’s “Naked Eye?”  It was a great night.

Many thanks to DJ Random Select for stepping up and providing our playlist.  Check it out:


Ready to dance with us again?  Our next dance party is Friday, Sept. 4th at 8pm.  This is the last dance party of the summer (that’s Labor Day weekend, if you didn’t know it yet.)  Join us for the hour–it’s the perfect way to kick-off the weekend.  See you on the dance floor.