But I Haven’t Got a Stitch to Wear….


What was your excuse for missing the event of the season?  Just kidding!  We had a fantastic turn out for our last dance party on Friday, June 19th.  We all got sweaty dancing to a playlist of songs from one artist: Morrissey.  Since several of our regular dancers are all excited to see Morrissey in concert at the Akron Civic Theatre on June 29th–we planned a special dance party to express our loyalty and devotion.  I wasn’t the only one on the dance floor singing along to every lyric!  What’s your favorite Morrissey or The Smiths dance tune?


Muchas gracias to DJ Owly B for crowd sourcing the playlist to include all our Morrissey favorites.  Check out the complete playlist:


When do we dance next?  Good question.  You can join us to dance on Friday July 3rd, at 8pm at Martell’s as usual.  Show your patriotism on the dance floor.  It’s the American thing to do.  See you on the dance floor!

Liberace 4th of july