Neutron Dance!


Chart topping in their days, the Beverly Hills Cop I and II soundtracks were the inspiration for this Fifth Friday (5/29). When mixed together these movie soundtracks created a very upbeat, 80’s dance experience – not unlike the movies themselves. 80’s pop blended with 80’s electronic and rock to create the perfect time capsule. We cheered and sang and danced to  2 songs each from Patti LaBelle and the Pointer Sisters, respected divas at DDPP, as well as several other ‘Top 10’ songs/artists.

Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 2.05.09 PM

The surprise song for me was ‘Gratitude’ by Danny Elfman, the video is even surprising (good):

We dance again in 6 short days! The first Friday in June is the 5th and our third Rock of Ages challenge is being answered by DJ AC/DC. This mix will truly have something for every dancer so it is a great ‘first time’ experience. So, we hope to see some newbies!


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