Guardians of the Galaxie Night


Last Friday–Jan. 30th–was our movie soundtrack dance party and we had a blast.  DJ Dewy Dancimal provided us with a playlist derived from the 2014 hit movie GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXIE.  Sonic joy was had by all as we rocked out to a set list of songs from the late 1960s through the 1970s.  But you’ve seen the movie, right?  We might have had a smaller crowd than usual–hey, where was everybody?–those loyal few in attendance found their groove to these classics.  If you missed last Friday’s dance party, don’t fret.  We dance again in one week!  That’s right–check your calendars.  We dance every 1st, 3rd, (and when their is one, the 5th) Friday of every month.  Next Friday–Feb. 6th, 2015–is the first Friday of the month, so put on your boogie shoes.  For inspiration, check out DJ Dewy Dancimal’s complete playlist from last week:


Many thanks to DJ Dewy Dancimal for volunteering her time and passion for dance music to provide us with a playlist.  Do you want to become a deejay?  Our Den Mother Juniper is currently scheduling for late spring and looking for volunteers.  Join the conversation on our facebook group to volunteer an hour’s worth of dance music.  Or, talk to her after our next dance party and she can add your name to the schedule.

Grab a girl friend and join us at our next dance party–Friday, Feb. 6th.  We start at 8pm, so don’t be late.  Still not sure what Dance Dance Party Party-Akron is all about?  Read all about us from a recent visitor who wrote about her experiences for The Devil Strip:  See you on the dance floor!

keith haring


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