Birthday Mix


Last week, it was DJ Dewy Dancimal’s birthday but she was the one handing out presents!  She gifted our dance party on Friday, Jan. 16th, with a rockin’ playlist for the hottest dance floor in town.  DJ Dewy Dancimal created a set list from her favorite songs to host a party for us all!  What songs would you put on your birthday music mix?  Here’s the complete list from DJ Dewy Dancimal:


She also made her set list available on Spotify–click here for the link to hear and enjoy the music mix again.  Many thanks to DJ Dewey Dancimal for sharing her birthday with us.

In other news, did you see we got written up on-line by The Devil Strip–the brand new magazine here in Akron?  The Devil Strip is a curated guide to the area’s music, arts, business, events and culture.  Click here for the link to the Devil Strip review of an earlier January dance party.  While you’re at it, follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay in touch with what’s happening around town.


When will dance again?  Glad you asked!  The calendar has blessed the month of January with a 5th Friday–so we dance again this month: January 30th, 8pm.  Since it’s a 5th Friday, you know what that means.  We dance to a movie soundtrack.  This months movie soundtrack is Guardians of the Galaxy.  I know!  So you don’t want to miss it.  See you on the dance floor.