Shadow Dancing


Dancing in an un-lit room creates an appearance of dark figures moving to music in the studio.  This often makes me recall the disco favorite “Shadow Dancing” when I think of DDPP.  What goes into helping you create a playlist when you deejay for a dance party?  I’m DJ Prisoner and I created the previous music mix for our dance party on Friday, Dec. 5th.  Here’s my entire playlist:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 7.02.48 PM

I knew I wanted to include a Lady Gaga song in my latest playlist but I saw in the deejay database (the complete list of every song we’ve ever played at our dance parties), found on the website under the tab heading SONG DATABASE, that her “Just Dance” has already been played a bunch of times–so instead I included Gaga’s “Applause” which hasn’t been played before.  While I’m at work, I usually listen to two radio stations–one that plays funky 70s R&B and another that plays 80s music.  So that’s where I heard the Rufus Thomas song, the Jackson Sisters, and the Debbie Deb hit.  A fellow dancer once told me (a really long time ago) that she loved Thompson Twins–so that’s where the inspiration to add “Lies” came from.  And I recently read a magazine article about legendary record producer Nile Rodgers where he spoke about his work with Diana Ross on her 1980 album Diana–so I wanted to dance to “Upside Down” again.  I picked the song “Goodbye to You” by Scandal because this summer DJ/DC ended his music mix with Scandal’s other hit “The Warrior.” That was my little attempt to respond to another deejay. And, the Talking Heads song was added to my mix because I’ve seen the 2011 movie This Must Be the Place once too often.  My musical influences come from a variety of sources–and I usually rely heavily on the resources of the Akron public library for the music that goes into my playlists.  What goes into creating your playlists for DDPP-Akron?

I also love listening to mid-60s French pop music–so I included this fun hit!

Whether you grooved to my music mix or not, we will dance to someone else’s playlist at our next dance party–Friday, Dec. 19th, at 8pm.  Every dance party features a new playlist–so there’s always something different to enjoy.  Need to burn off some holiday calories?  Join your friends for what is always a fun, active hour.  See you on the dance floor!


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  1. I love the Thompson Twins but I also LOVE Crowded House! So many good grooves here.

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