Bring on the Gravy!


Chant with me: Go Monica! Go Monica! Go Monica–

We had another successful dance party last week.  Friday Nov. 21, we gathered once again to shake it, drop it, and and twist it all around.  Some of us–maybe it was just me–were mindful of the upcoming Thanksgiving meal and looked to burn some calories before the big meal.  Whatever motivations you have, you can find yourself at home–on the dance floor–at DDPP-Akron.

First-timer DJ Balkan Comrade made it look easy by rockin’ the casbah with her own special playlist.  Her mix featured a variety of rhythms and a little something for everyone.  It was a collection of songs that kept the dance floor movin’ and appealed to all.  She had me at “This Charming Man” but I’m always a sucker for the Smiths!  Check out her complete playlist below:

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.12.46 PM

Still want to burn some calories before the holidays?  Need to see your dance friends before everyone gets too busy with their families over December?  Our next opportunity to dance is Friday, Dec. 5th at 8pm at Martell’s studio in Highland Square.  I happen to know that DJ Prisoner is bringing the music which embraces a retro vibe.  There ya go.  Come on Dec. 5th to find out more!  See you on the dance floor.


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