It’s Dare!

Electronic music masters, Daft Punk.

Electronic music masters, Daft Punk.


At our last dance party, on Friday Nov. 7th, we had a full dance floor.  We were shakin,’ snappin’ our fingers, and movin’ round and round–like we always do.  Yet the evening was made even more lively by four–yes, FOUR–youngsters who so easily reminded us of the youthful, carefree joy of dancing.  DJ Big Balla brought big beats to her music mix which kept the dancers moving non-stop.  Many thanks to her for providing us with the hour’s music.DJ Big Balla


When you deejay, the responsibility includes providing an hour’s worth of music AND a screenshot of your playlist. All deejay duties are spelled out here:

If you haven’t already heard the news: there’s been a change in process for all deejays.  Your screenshot of your playlist is now due NO LATER THAN the date of your dance party.  Your screenshot is to be posted on the facebook group (Dance Dance Party Party-Akron group) wall on or before that Friday.  We don’t ask for a screenshot for our health–it’s an important part of what we use to write a review for the event (It’s quite a challenge to describe our dance parties without referencing the music.)  The event review is not only one of the most important ways we communicate with our dancers–it’s also an important means of communicating with all our sister DDPPs around the globe.  When our deejays ignore my requests for screenshots, then as a group we all look slipshod and careless–when I know that’s not the case.  With our new process, everyone gets a fresh start to be responsible and accountable again.  And thank you to all the volunteers who cooperate.

Our next dance party is Friday Nov. 21st, 8pm at Martell’s.  Come and burn some calories–you know you’ll be exceeding your typical calorie intake on Thanksgiving–so get ahead of that second slice of pumpkin pie!  See you on the dance floor.  And, deejays– SEND IN YOUR SCREENSHOT!


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