Fall Fantasia


Hasn’t this Fall weather been fantastic?  Our dancers have been loving it as well.  Cool nights and the darkened room make dancing comfortable and effortless.  For those of us that appreciate dancing unseen–even incognito–under the darkness of the unlit room, these Fall nights have been perfect.  This past dance party on Friday October 17, DJ Swizzle kept the dancers moving with her hip-hop-tastic  music mix.  Many thanks to her.



Note the time change: we dance at 7PM on Fri Oct. 31st!

Even more exciting, we’ve got a fifth Friday during the month of October–Friday Oct. 31st.  We have a special music mix planned with spooky, perhaps even horror-inspired danceable music for our Halloween night dance party!  It’s a special mix collected by four of our dancers.  For the ease of dancers planning on partying on that night–we have bumped our dance party up an hour earlier.  Yes, we’re dancing at 7pm on Friday, Oct. 31st.  Now you have time to dance at 7pm and still make it home to attend your friends’ party that night!  So plan on having a howling good time.  We dance again at 7pm on Friday Oct. 31st.  Bring a friend–costumes are welcome.  See you on the dance floor!


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