I Will Follow…You to DDPP




The Labor Day holiday is behind us and we move forward into cooler weather and earlier sunsets.  For mothers of school aged children, it often means a new routine as well.  As we welcome autumn back once again, it’s an ideal time to re-discover the fun of DDPP.  At our last dance party on Friday September 5th, we tapped our toes to an 80s playlist courtesy of a new deejay, DJ Owly B.  While we’ve certainly rocked out to 80s set lists before, every mix is a unique one–and DJ Owly B showed us what an awesome alternative music playlist from the 1980s could sound like.  We owe much thanks to DJ Owly B for donating her time to providing us dancers with the music we crave.  Check out her complete playlist:




We’re currently looking for deejays to sign up, get their names on the schedule, and provide us with an hour’s worth of danceable music for selected dates during our October, November, and December dance parties.  Know what it takes to deejay?  Click HERE to see the deejay suggestions again.  If you’d like to volunteer, please email the address, or speak with den mothers Juniper or Joanna after the next dance party.  Remember this song from our previous event?



If you’re looking to join us, our next dance party is Friday Sept. 19th, 8pm at Martell’s as usual.  Remember our dance parties are ALWAYS the 1st, 3rd, and when there is one, the 5th Friday of each month.  Mark your calendars now and join the fun.  See you on the dance floor!