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Wasn’t it terrific having GG9 right here in our own backyard?  What events did you get to see–or participate in?  We were lucky to have a guest deejay from Chicago, DJ Dick, volunteer a playlist entitled Gay BFF to help us keep the party going.  And keep it going, we did!  Though the summer heat was very tolerable, the dance floor was too hot to touch as we shook it all night long.  I think we all earned gold medals!  Remember this classic song?


If you missed last week’s dance party–hang in there!  We have another one this month.  That’s right–August has a 5th Friday this month, and you know what that means?  We will dance to a movie soundtrack.  On Friday, August 29th, 8pm we will dance to the soundtrack of American Hustle.  The 2013 Oscar-nominated film has a laid-back, informal 1970s soundtrack that you’ll easily warm to.  Come and enjoy the last days of summer by kicking up your heels for an hour!  See you on the dance floor.


Take the curlers out–and come dancing!

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  1. This is bugging me. I came to the “Gay BFF” dance and there was a remix of “Nothin but a G Thang” that I really liked. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is there a play list from that night?


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