Rebels & Outsiders

dance rebels_10203956339656121_4904776041668492929_n


As defiant as the title suggests, our dancers embraced the theme last Friday, July 18th, at our last dance party.  Yet, we did what we usually do–by following the philosophy of the dance floor.  It was an amazing night, as usual!  DJ grrrilla beats provided us with a themed music mix filled with songs  reflecting and inciting rebellion.  It was the perfect playlist to accompany our typical attitude of dance and commitment.  See for yourself:




Thanks to DJ grrrilla beats for the playlist.  If you missed this last dance party, don’t fret!  We have another one on Friday August 1st, at 8pm.  As usual, we will meet at Martell’s in Highland Square and you are welcome to join us.  We’ll have an all-new playlist.  Heads up dancers!  The month of August offers us a Fifth Friday so we’ll be dancing to the movie soundtrack of American Hustle.  It will be a night of cool, breezy, 70s hits  for what I’m sure will be a hot, August night.  See you on the dance floor.




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