This is Dedicated to the One I Love

We’ll miss you Bobby Womack!

I didn’t hear any Mamas and the Papas at our last dance party, Friday July 4th. However, The Den Mother deejayed a themed music mix dedicated to the dancers of DDPP-Akron. Some of the songs were included specifically for individual regular attendees, while other songs were meant to pay tribute to several dancers–and other tunes spoke to the group in general. I was ready to lay claim to half a dozen songs I was sure were meant just for me! And I think that was The Den Mother’s intent. Many thanks to The Den Mother. Check out her complete playlist:




Sometimes people ask us why we have themed mixes–and new deejays sometimes fear they are expected to craft their own themed mix. So let me explain: no one is ever obligated to create a themed playlist. Some of us that have deejayed many times get inspired, on occasion, to give ourselves a framework to limit our selections for mixes. That is all a themed mix is. If you ever have any other questions about what makes a good music mix, please read over the instructions located on the website HERE. If you’d like to deejay an upcoming dance party, please see Juniper or Joanna–or contact us on facebook. We always need more music to dance to.


big telephoneCall Your friends–it’s gonna be a good dance party!

Our next dance party looks to be just as exciting! DJ grrrilla beats promises a music mix featuring tunes for rebels and outsiders. That sounds provocative–you don’t want to miss this one. We meet Friday, July 18th, 8pm at Martells in Highland Square as usual. See you on the dance floor!