Substitute Me for Him


Sometimes things don’t go as planned.  But DDPP-Akron doesn’t give up when faced with a challenge.  At our last dance party, Friday June 6th, our scheduled deejay experienced a little SNAFU when her technology didn’t deliver as expected.  But that’s okay–another dancer grabbed her own phone and quickly put together a danceable playlist for our needs.  We’ll re-schedule MC Mama Bear for another date, and thank DJ Steez for filling-in at the last minute.  YAYY!!  We’re not exactly the the type of group that cancels when things get rough.  We’re more like the group that puts it all out on the dance floor!  Check out DJ Steez’ substitute playlist:



You can also check out DJ Steez’ playlist on Spotify:  click HERE to connect to that link.  Thanks DJ Steez.  What’s up next for DDPP-Akron?  Glad you asked.  We dance again on Friday, June 20th, 8pm at Martell’s Dance School in Highland Square.  I know that DJ Prisoner is scheduled to bring the playlist and she says it’s an 1990s music mix!  She “ain’t 2 proud 2 beg” you to come and join the dance party!  That’s a little lyrical teaser there–oh…just google it.  See you on the dance floor!





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  1. It was a blast!

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