Just Like Heaven



Even though the dancing at our last dance party (Friday, April 4th) may have seemed like a celebration, we were in fact saying goodbye to one of our regular dancers.  All too soon, DJ Dub-Cee will move away from Akron onto a new, fantastic employment opportunity out west.  We expressed ourselves in the only way we know–with the joy of dance–and hope she can carry some of it with her to her new home.  It’s not like we wanted to be happy but the music mix she brought to the party was so hot, we couldn’t help but send her off with our toes tapping!  As you can see, she had us jumpin’ and jivin’ with a well-rounded mix–from Bette Midler’s “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” to Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard,” and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.”  To be honest, I can’t hear the 1980s hit, “Tenderness” by General Public, enough these days.  We will miss you DJ Dub-Cee.  Check out her complete playlist:




Thanks again to DJ Dub-Cee for volunteering her time and effort into giving us an hour’s worth of music so we could dance.  Are you interested in deejaying for us?  Please see Juniper after our next dance party and she’ll put you on the schedule.  Want to know what it takes to deejay for us?  Check out this link.




Why not come and join the party?  We dance again on Friday April 18th, 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance in Highland Square (Don’t be late!)  That will be a GOOD FRIDAY to dance–get it?  I’m making a holiday reference!?  Hop on over and join the fun (holiday reference #2).  See you on the dance floor!




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