Hey Ms. Veejay–Dancing in Silhouette



Video Night means we have music videos projected on the wall during our dance party!


While it’s still only March, I’m pretty confident that last week’s dance party (Fri March 7th) will be my favorite DDPP of the year.   My certainty comes from experience–I absolutely LOVE video dance parties veejayed by The Den Mother.  Last June, we hosted our first-ever video dance party and it was mind blowing!  (Read once again the event review about “Video Killed the Radio Star” from last June by clicking HERE.)  Last week’s event was no less impressive than our first video night. 


The Velvet Underground performing in front of moving images in 1966.



Fred Astaire dancing in the 1936 movie Swing Time with his own shadows on the wall.

It’s a multi-sensory experience that one has to experience for one’s self.  One whole wall of the studio is covered by projected moving images that reflect in another other wall of mirrors, as we all dance with abandon.  The Den Mother selects just the right beats and images to inspire the roomful of dancers, as we take in the swirling animated videos, rousing break dancers, and funky Soul Train performances.  Video night reminds me of an experience somewhere between dancing at Warhol’s Factory in the 60s and Fred Astaire dancing with his own silhouette.  No wonder it’s my favorite dance party of the year!  Thanks to The Den Mother for the extra time she puts into organizing video dance night and check out her playlist:




Dancing to this video clip from Saturday Night Live, our shadow dancers invaded Boy Dance Party!


Even though video night is behind us, we are still going to have a wonderful time at the next dance party.  Every dance party is unique–come and discover the magic for yourself!  We dance again on Friday March 21st, 8pm at Martell’s dance studio in Highland Square.  See you on the dance floor.



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