5th Anniversary Dance Party


Last Friday, February 7th, we were missing one of our den mothers (we missed you, Juniper) for the 5th anniversary of the start of our group.  But we made up for it by welcoming a group of women who were celebrating life.  Once Juniper returns, maybe we can convince her to re-schedule the ice cream tradition that goes along with our anniversary?  Who’s with me?



Many thanks to DJ DC who provided us with a rollicking playlist.  His musical selections fit the mood of the evening, selections that included a wide variety of hits to please everyone dancing in the room at the time.  We heard songs from the 1950s including Freddy Cannon’s “Tallahassie Lassie,”  the 1960’s with the Velvet Underground’s “Temptation Inside Your Heart,” and the 1980s such as “Missionary Man” by the Eurythmics, “Suddenly Last Summer” by the Motels, and “The Boy With The Thorn in his Side” by the Smiths.  It was also refreshing to be dancing to more contemporary hits as well, including “Treasure” by Bruno Mars and “You Make Me” by Avicii.  Thanks to DJ DC for keeping the dance floor moving.  Check out his complete playlist:

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 9.16.05 AM

Our next dance party will be Friday, February 21st at 8pm at Martell’s School of Dance.  We’d love for you to join us.  These long, cold winter nights are easier to withstand when you know you can sweat it out on the dance floor.  See you there!

break dance hearts






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  1. Ice cream? I thought you’d never ask!

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