Gonna Make You Sweat



The women of DDPP Akron don’t have a problem staying warm enough during the winter months.  Our dancing raises not only body temps–but we rock it til the dance floor is HOT!  Such was the heat during our last dance party, Friday January 3rd.  DJ Steez came to the rescue with a last minute playlist–one that had us under her influence.  Actually, her playlist followed a theme: Under the Influence.  And her influence is what we needed to keep our feet movin.’  Thanks to DJ Steez for donating her time to provide us with the music we needed.  Check out her hot playlist:


Are you interested in sharing a playlist with the group?  We are currently scheduling deejays for Spring 2014 and we need more volunteers to create a collection of an hour’s worth of dance music.  If you’re interested, please speak with one of the Den Mothers after the next dance party. 


Start making your own prom dresses, ladies!  It’s 80s Teen Movie night at DDPP–Friday Jan. 31st.


If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to dance more–and why wouldn’t it be to dance more?–our next dance party is Friday, January 17th at 8pm at Martell’s Dance Studio.  Feel free to bring a girl friend and show her why you love dancing with DDPP Akron.  Remember:  we’ve raised our fee to $3–but that’s no big deal, right?  We got to cover the rent, ya know. 

DON’T FORGET: January has a fifth Friday so we’ll be dancing to a movie soundtrack.  Word on the street is that this month’s movie soundtrack playlist is actually a collection of songs from ’80s teen movies–hits from Breakfast Club to Valley Girl, Pretty in Pink to Sixteen Candles, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to Some Kind of Wonderful.  Can you stand that much teenage heart break and angst?  Fair warning: no crying on the dance floor!  Well, maybe just this once.





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