If disco had lived into the 80’s…


Wait a minute! It did!

Just not in the States. Why does the Old World get to have all of the dance fun? Well, this night (12/20) we took the disco back and free-styled it without the polyester and medallions. Thanks to Just Rob, and his ‘Italio Disco’ genius friend Karen, DDPP got to experience a night straight from an Italian dance club circa 1982.

Living on Video – Trans-X
Fashion – Malcom The Bad Girls
B Project – Pink Project
Don’t Loose Your Heart Tonight – Joy Peters
Eyes – Clio
Hypnotic Tango – My Mine
Shoot Your Shot – Divine
Fantasy – Hotline
I Never Dance – Crysalis
Pretty Face – Styloo
Magic Carillon – Rose

This music is the perfect mix of disco groove and 80’s fun, it was really familiar without being known. Gotta say it took us by surprise how much we enjoyed it! This video gives a great glimpse of the style, in all its 80’s glory: