Jingle those bells!


It was a little weird dancing to this holiday themed mix (12/6) without our resident pop culture Christmas expert, but DJ Prisoner not only produced the most dancing-est Christmas mix ever, she also left us with these tidbits of holiday trivia about the playlist:
–“Extraordinary Merry Christmas” is an original song written for the 2011 Christmas episode of Glee.
–“Toy Jackpot” and “Electronic Santa Claus” were both songs commissioned by Target for holiday TV commercials used in 2011/2012.
–Justin Bieber’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” borrows the bass line from a Jackson 5 song–and appears in the closing credits of the animated movie Arthur Christmas.

xmas ddpp

While DJ Prisoner was making us proud and talking about her craft to all the media outlets we were enjoying making up words to these songs which were mostly new to us…it does sound like he is saying ‘Chocolate’ Santa Claus after all!