Oh Girl!

kelsie_dancing-doneLittle girls, music, and dancing are great together and DDPP is super thankful to have all three in surplus. How can we not be? Within a week we had one dancer give birth to a baby girl and another (this week’s DJ) learn that she is carrying a baby girl. This is the best news because it means we have gained two more DDPPers!

DJ Swizzle wanted to celebrate her good news by creating a mix (10/18) that celebrates all things girl/baby/lady/mama. As you can see, she covered all the best themes, giving us several songs to shake-what-our-mama-gave-us and several more to remind us how powerful and beautiful we are/will be.


Plus, new ear worm:

Next DJ up – DJ Bulee! She’ll be helping us celebrate all the beauty that is ‘Friday’, that most longed for day of the week. See you dancers Friday, 11/1!