Hit me with your ONE best shot!


Sometimes all you get is that one shot, that one chance to leave an impression, to make your mark. So make the most of it, right? Maybe you’ll leave behind a great piece of art or maybe, like House of Pain,  you’ll leave behind the lyrics:

I came to get down [2x]
So get out your seats and jump around
Jump around [3x]
Jump up Jump up and get down.
Jump [18x]

Either way, DDPP and DJ Sassy Pants celebrates you! I mean, they made it on to a super DDPP playlist and on to The Simpson’s – what more can they ask for?

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 9.16.31 AM

This playlist (9/20) was really fun, all of the songs were ones we know and love. Even if we never heard from the artists again, they had an effect on us – they made us Jump Around, Shake that Rump and Bust a Move!

Join us this coming Friday for ‘It’s New to Me’ presented by DJ Steez – October 4th!

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