Did You See Us in the Newspaper?



Did you see that DDPP-Akron was featured on the front of the Life Section in the Sunday edition of the May 19th Akron Beacon JournalClick HERE to see the on-line version of that article again.  The Beacon’s staff writer Kim Hone-McMahan compares our dance parties to the kind of fun young girls have at a slumber party.  I certainly remember dancing with abandon at the slumber parties I attended years ago.  What do you think of this metaphor? 




Feel free to share the newspaper article and on-line link about DDPP-Akron with anyone you’d like to invite to join us to dance.  We’d like to see as many new dancers as possible from this great exposure–to ensure that DDPP-Akron continues and thrives into the future.  Don’t forget to remind your friends that DDPP is for every skill level–especially for those that would feel most comfortable in a non-judgmental environment.  Because that’s how we do it.  




Our next dance party: Friday May 31st at 8pm.  We’ll be dancing to the soundtrack to the disco movie of the 1970s: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER!  See you on the dance floor.

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